January 8, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this article that was shared by a regular here, Mr. C.N. It seems that Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft, is sponsoring research into Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or to give it its more popular name, cold fusion:

Bill Gates Sponsoring Palladium-Based LENR Technology

Now, before we get to the important stuff, let me first explain why I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this one. On the one hand, I'm inclined to laugh, because it means that a bona fide member of the establishment sees enough promise in the phenomenon of cold fusion to be willing to sponsor research in it. So... kuddos for Mr. Gates. On the other hand, however, if his sponsorship means the low energy nuclear reaction equivalent of Microsoft products, then I am inclined to cry, for it's almost a guarantee that that if the same standards are to be applied to LENRs as have been applied to its operating systems, then cold fusion is doomed. I'd be far happier to announce that Apple, and not Mr. Gates, had decided to sponsor the phenomenon.

But careful reading of the article evinces two points: first, Gates is backing a nanotechnology approach to creating a palladium lattice with the required properties to make cold fusion "work" infallibly, each time, every time:

"In June of this year, he wrote a blog titled “We need Energy Miracles” to stress the importance of new technologies like LENR.

"Tech Metals Insider previously reported on the technology, its “side effects” of creating precious metals, and its application by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan.

"During his trip to Italy he visited the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA) where scientists have made significant progress towards a working design for low energy nuclear fusion. The centerpiece of their design is the same as in Mitsubishi’s: palladium.

"Creating palladium foil with just the right parameters, and managing stress levels in the material was a key issue, one that the researchers at EMEA were able to resolve several years ago.

"A palladium miracle in the making? It will take a while to find out, but LENR certainly has the attention of serious scientists and investors today who believe in its future" (Emphasis added) (See also 11. A Visit With Vittorio Violante of ENEA Frascati  Scroll down the page to find the article, under number 11)

Ok. Score one in the column "We can laugh and rejoice."

But then one has to point out the curious omission: Mr. Gates visited Italy to consult with Italian scientists and researchers involved in LANR/LENR (Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions/ Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). Yet, the article mentions no visit to probably the most well-known Italian scientist and researcher in the field, Dr. Andrea Rossi, whose E-CAT device we blogged about late last year, pointing out that the Universities of Uppsala in Sweden and Bologna in Italy had conducted thorough reviews of Mr. Rossi's technique, and concluded that low energy nuclear reactions were indeed occurring. Rossi's research has provoked clear international and academic interest, and yet, Mr. Gates did not visit him, or he did visit him, and we're simply not being told.

Either way, score one in the "we can cry" column, for the research Mr. Gates appears to be backing does not appear to have any direct connection to Mr. Rossi. Perhaps Mr. Gates' assistance came with too high a price tag for Dr. Rossi, or perhaps it was not even offered at all. Either way, the omission casts a pall of doubt over his efforts.

So here's my high octane speculation: the article refers not only to Mr. Gates' interest in cold fusion, but also that of the giant Japanese corporation, Mitsubishi, and perhaps this is the hidden story, for Rossi has consistently - at least to my knowledge, though I certainly could be mistaken - refused to become too entangled with big corporate backers thus far. And thus, we may be looking at a story hidden within a story, that of corporate jockeying and positioning over who, ultimately, will dominate the field.

See you on the flip side...