January 28, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now here's one that prompts so much high octane speculation that, again, I don't know where to begin. It was shared by Mr. M.D., and it's a jaw-dropper for sure:

Alchemy 2.0 – Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Creates Gold and Platinum

Now here's the paragraphs that leaped out at me:

"The transmutation from lead to gold has been mankind’s dream for millennia. Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals."

How is this done? Consider the use of combinations of nanotechnology, materials engineering, to create a lattice structure with unique abilities to engineer things at a quantum level:

"What enabled Lattice’s new approach were recent advances in nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology and LENR are joined at the hip”, said Larsen. “It is one of the reasons why this could not be done back in 1989-90. Before our work, nobody had a grasp on the theory of neutron creation from protons and electrons in tabletop apparatus; nor on exactly how to apply advanced nanotechnology to build well-performing prototype devices.”

"Combining the know-how of experts from a variety of disciplines including electro-dynamics, quantum electro-dynamics, nuclear physics and solid state physics, lead to the development of a theoretical foundation which is now ready to be prototyped, and put to the test."

And the result?

"Larsen’s theory that gold, platinum and several other metals can be created by his process is based on findings by Japanese physicist Prof. Hantaro Nagaoka who successfully transmuted tungsten into gold back in 1924. Nagaoka’s results have been verified by several institutions in recent independent experiments but so far there has been no effort to commercialize the process. “Now that the LENR transmutation process is well understood the use of nanotechnology may change all that”, believes Larsen.

“'The neutron-catalyzed LENR process follows rows of the periodic table of elements”, he went on, meaning that heavier metals than the starting targets’ will be created. The work published by Larsen and his team suggests that a tungsten target, for instance, will absorb neutrons and gradually be transmuted to gold, platinum and other platinum group metals. “And because LENR products are not dangerously radioactive”, Larsen added, “conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized.”

“Can we scale this up to a commercial process that makes money?” – Larsen is convinced it may be possible. (Emphases added)

Now, readers of my book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell will recall that I wrote about Professor Nagaoka's experiments in transumation in that book (as well as referring to it again in The Philosophers' Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter). The German physicist Walther Gerlach also reported on similar experiments that were being done at the time in Weimar Germany in a short article in 1924 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a process which he clearly and explicitly called alchemy, and which he called for further research.

The discoveries were significant, in that quantum mechanics will still in its youth, and nuclear fission had not yet been discovered, so some other process was clearly at work. What is intriguing to contemplate, however, is what happened next, particularly in Germany, where a number of patents were taken out by Siemens and other firms in the 1920s for what can only be described as "alchemical processes." These were, of course, not commercially viable at the time. Or were they? During the same time period, General Erich Ludendorff, an early supporter of Hitler and the Nazis (and the real head of the German military and Kaiserreich in the final half of World War One), a participant in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, was also a backer of a number of alchemical schemes to produce gold to the tune of a personal cost to him of 100,000 Reichsmarks, in a little known affair(today, though it was well known at the time and something of an international scandal) known as the Tausend Affair, named after a con artist by the name of Franz Tausend who claimed to be able to produce gold. Tausend was tried and found guilty of fraud in Germany, but the process, and Gerlach's own international prestige as a scientist, would not allow the idea to go away.

Indeed, Reichsfuehrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, according to one of his infamous underlings, Oswald Pohl, had the SS conducted secret "alchemy" experiments in hidden laboratories scattered around the Reich, after the Nazi assumption of power, experiments that in my books I have argued were somehow connected to the wider German research coupled with their atom bomb project and as well to the Nazi Bell project.

This brings us to the final statements in this fascinating article, that the LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) products are not radioactive and, moreover, that "conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized, and that the process might be scaled up to become commercially feasible. Readers here will recall that in the past few days I blogged about a story of the recovery of radioactive gold from nuclear weapons projects (See THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO “HMMM…” : AND SPEAKING OF GOLDFINGER…). There I pointed out the following:

"But here, I am bold to suggest, we are dealing with perhaps a bit of obfuscation and deliberate dissembling, for the article states that this recovered gold was merely from the nuclear weapons themselves. But as I've also indicated with the U-234 story, gold is the metal of choice for storage of highly enriched uranium. Thus, one must also consider that gold used for storage of enriched uranium might also have been reprocessed, and that consideration would lead to higher figures for such reprocessed gold. Thus, any way one slices it, a certain amount of the world's gold is of necessity essential for the thermonuclear powers (the USA, Russia, France, the UK, China, and in a de facto sense, Germany, and in a probable but "unannounced" sense, India and Israel).

"So one reason for the obfuscated bullion figures is "national security," but in a dual, not a singular, sense, for such figures would obviously, disclose the financial health of a nation, and in the deeper murkier sense, discrepancies between the publicly stated figures and actual amounts of bullion on deposit would disclose how large (or small) a nation's nuclear program really was. One would, in effect, have to obfuscate the amounts of bullion estimates lower than the actual amounts of existing bullion if simply for the reason that some of the world bullion stockpile was irradiated. This raises the possibility that such nuclear programs may have been far larger than even publicly available figures of warheads and megatonnage that were bandied about during the Cold War have indicated. And for the gold-bugs and gold standard advocates, this would also mean that the gold standard, in the thermonuclear age, is really an H-bomb standard."

But now let us suppose that the techniques of Nagaoka and those referred to by Dr. Gerlach in the 1920s continued to be covertly researched and used from that time period until now. If that be the case, then it is possible that some technique for the manufacture or transmutation of elements by "cold fusion" means might also be (1) used to render radioactive precious metals such as gold non-radioactive, and (2) to produce quantities of bullions covertly, and perhaps in large scale.

The bottom line here is that such technologies have been known since the 1920s. Update them a bit with nanotechnology and the latest materials engineering that it enables, couple them to such alchemical techniques, and this means that the idea of the obfuscation of the amounts of gold (or silver or platinum) bullion in existence takes on a new significance, for once again, one would want to obfuscate that number lower than the actual amount in existence (and perpetually being added to not simply by mining, but by transmutational technologies). This means, once again, that standard financial analysis models are simply inadequate because they are not accounting for technological possibilities and their implications. One wonders if, indeed, behind the curious fact that Japan and Germany during the Second World War seemed to have a whole lot of gold, a fact that became a terrible secret, given that much of it was plunder and, quite literally, extracted from the teeth of murdered victims of those regimes, one wonders if there doesn't lurk and even darker secret, that is disguised by the other secret, namely, that not all of that gold was plunder, but rather, made.

When I was a boy, I loved to read the Uncle Scrooge comic books of illustrator Karl Barks, who would construct the stories oftentimes around some piece of obscure esoteric lore - lost cities of the Incas, ancient technologies, and so on. In one instance, "Uncle Scrooge and the Fabulous Philosopher's Stone," Scrooge goes in search for the mythical philosophers' stone, and actually finds it (interestingly enough in the labyrinth of King Minos of Crete, and after a run in with the labyrinth's guardian, the Minotaur). While searching for the stone, he is shadowed by a mysterious bearded man in a bowler hat. Once the stone is discovered, the man revealed himself as "Monsieur Matressface", who works for "The International Monetary Council," who insists that Scrooge relinquish the stone, since such a terrible power might ruin the world economy if left in private hands.

Nazis. Cold Fusion, Japanese physicists.1920s alchemy patents. Uncle Scrooge.

Gold bugs, take note.

See you on the flip side...