January 25, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one for your GMO scrapbook, shared with us by a regular reader here, Ms. M.W. When I saw this, I had to blog about it, because one can almost here the next stage of pro-GMO propaganda even now:

Scientists create 'genetic firewall' for new forms of life

Now, the paragraph that I want to draw your attention to are the very first two:

"A year after creating organisms that use a genetic code different from every other living thing, two teams of scientists have achieved another “synthetic biology” milestone: They created bacteria that cannot survive without a specific manmade chemical, potentially overcoming a major obstacle to wider use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

"The advance, reported on Wednesday in Nature, offers what one scientist calls a “genetic firewall” to achieve biocontainment, a means of insuring that GMOs cannot live outside a lab or other confined environment."

In those two paragraphs are contained all the coming new propaganda, for once this technique is applied to new generations of GMO crops and other types of genetically modified foods (recall that GMO salmon that the FDA approved a few years ago), it will be argued that the new technology makes it possible for the new GMO to be consumed safely, as any specially modified strands of DNA  will break down outside the environment. One can even foresee the argument that the new technique makes any long term inter-generational testing of GMOs equipped with the new technique superfluous, since, again, the modified strands will break down outside the environment of the special chemical. It's the perfect solution to the nightmare that GMOs have become for cartels like Synkrudda, Duponzanto, and Mon(ster)santo, for the new technique will make it possible to argue that everything is perfectly safe to eat, and, moreover, needs no testing whatsoever to prove that point. "We have a firewall. Everything is safe. You're secure. Eat up!"

Yea right, and I'll smear Roundup on my toast if you can turn it into a jam or marmalade. (Woops, sorry about that folks... I probably just gave some mad scientist in DARPA a bright idea.)

Of course, no government is going to go as far as agreeing that "no testing is necessary." We'll see the usual fluff and flutter from clucking bureaucrats pretending to represent the public welfare as they scratch and peck at the dirt of a few "tests," accept some tidy corporate "benefits", and pronounce everything is "A-O.K." and "perfectly safe to eat." They are of course chickens, and incapable of standing up to anything or anyone.

My real problem with this is the underlying assumptions itself. I am obviously not a scientist, but we've heard this before. When Dr. Scott D. de Hart and I wrote Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, one thing we both speculated on during our walking and pacing sessions, was the seemingly absurd possibility that modified DNA strands might somehow enter the human body through the normal processes of digestion. An even more remote, even more absurd, possibility was that this might begin to produce "unnatural" mutations within any organism consuming them. I know: absurd. I get it. We don't turn into hamburger patties by eating hamburgers (though if the state of our edgykayshun system is any indicator, that too may be happening).

Yet, recent studies of GMOs are suggesting that something like this is occurring in some cases, where modified strands are showing up in the bloodstream for example. We're constantly reminded, at every turn by the very same bevy of scientists that nature is always adapting, finding ways around, or through, our best designs, often faster than the new techniques themselves can be invented. Old antiobiotics are failing in their efficacy and potency as nature adapts. Crop yields in GMO fields are falling, as pests adapt, while traces of the chemicals used in some GMO foods increasingly are being linked to human health problems. .

Thus, no "firewall" conceived by man will be permanent; nature will find away around or through it. And the worst possibility is, that by introducing yet another tier of modifications, yet more environmental consequences of an unforeseen nature might ensue.

Bottom line: don't buy into this one when it comes down the pike, as it surely will. Insist on intergenerational testing. And get ready for the next round of propaganda, which this article is highlighting, for that too, will come down the pike.

See you on the flip side...