8 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 14, 2015”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Also, Russian cut off ALL gas through Ukraine(6 European Countries want Russian gas? Build a pipeline to Turkey)
      During the beginning of winter!!!

      -per above program

  1. Frankie Calcutta

    My prediction for 2015– Charlie Hebdo goes from a near bankrupt French only satirical magazine pushing a hidden bankster divide, distract, and conquer agenda through irreverent humor directed at two of the three major yahweh sects to rise to become a powerful multibillion dollar multinational corporation with global reach and global appeal. This will be built on the skyrocketing sales of their post-massacre publications which will then give way to a Charlie Hebdo television network which will be instrumental in inflaming much of Europe in racial and religious warfare by the summer of 2015. This will catapult Charlie Hebdo to superstardom with Charlie Hebdo perfumes (Je Suis Charlie), chocolates, a Charlie Hebdo clothing line and even a Charlie Hebdo airline which will be supremely popular by all the hipsters around the world who want to snub the nose of the dangerous muslim terrorists who promise to disrupt are enviable way of life. Eventually I envision Charlie Hebdo even venturing into biotech in the perfect marriage between the immensely unpopular Monsanto and the beloved Charlie Hebdo corporation. Charlie Hebdo will then pave the way for a GMO incursion into the Ukraine as the media empire’s satirical focus will evolve to include Putin, Russia and foolish people who stand in the way of agricultural progress including those traditional Ukrainian farmers who want to deny the rest of the world cheap, abundant food. In a brilliant satirical piece, they will even go so far as to praise the former Soviet Union for collectivising the Ukrainian farmers long ago and suggest this should be done again. Putin will be stridently ridiculed for objecting to this injustice against the farmers and the Charlie Hebdo media empire will then be used to whip up a war between the Russians and the Ukrainian to 1) bolster the crumbling puppet nazi regime in Kiev through war time martial law and 2) kill off as many Ukrainian farmers as possible so Monsanto/Charlie Hebdo don’t have to buy them out for their farm land.

    And the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, who fortuitously was in London at the time of the terrorist attack on his office in Paris, will get his 30 billion pieces of silver in the largest IPO since Google. Moreover, the enormous success of Charlie Hebdo will give rise to a new standard in satire. All sacred cows will be deemed fair game for satire, except satire directed at the small group of bankers secretly wielding all the power in the world. this will be viewed upon as hateful, shocking, tasteless, and totally inappropriate.

  2. The only punishment that fits these criminals crimes is that they be feed money as their only nourishment. Lets see how long they would survive on such a diet since money is all that’s real or ever has been to them.

  3. It’s as if the poor Ukrainian people haven’t suffered enough, now they are going to get GMO’. It is despicable of the west and the lunatics who run foreign US policy, I mean how can a human being be so mean.
    The normal guy in the street cannot get his head around how politicians, who get into bed with the mega corporations, and go home and kiss their wives and children as if the worlds problems are somebody else’s doing, it astounds me.

    1. Curious indeed. Is it only for the Japanese edition? – this seems strange. Anywat it’s a good thing they and the people behind them have been proved wrong time and again

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