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January 23, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's one from a regular reader and article-contributer here, Mr. S.D., who accompanied his email with the comment, "hmmm....", and when you see it, you'll see why it makes me go "hmmm" too:

Russia opens Ebola center in Guinea Source

There's more going on here than meets the eye, and it prompts some high octane speculation(as usual). First, note that this ebola research center is being done under the corporate auspices of RUSAL:

"The center was built and equipped by the RUSAL company, a leading global aluminium producer, with active assistance from the Russian embassy in Conakry. Investment amounted to over $10 million. The Centre’s premises include an infection hospital, a provisional hospital, a mobile laboratory and a blood and plasma transfusion department with a laboratory. The Centre will initially serve as a hospital for the treatment of those infected with the Ebola virus.

"'The Russian operator, that has been working in Guinea since 2002 and is one of the largest investors in the local economy, is the world's only public company to have implemented such a large-scale project to check the global spreading of the Ebola virus,' the Russian Foreign Ministry said."

And then Guinea's response:

"Guinean President Alpha Conde, who attended the ceremony, thanked Russia and the RUSAL management on behalf of the Guinean people for their role in preventing Ebola.

"'We are very grateful for the generous contribution of the Russian Federation, its President and UC RUSAL. It is a great honour to accept this valuable contribution, which will significantly help us in the fight against Ebola. On behalf of the people of Guinea, I offer my sincere thanks,' stated President of Guinea, Alpha Conde at the opening ceremony.

"'We strive to provide full support to the Republic of Guinea, not only in the fight against the Ebola virus, but also in activities related to strengthening their national health system as a whole in order to successfully prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases in future,' commented Vladislav Soloviev, CEO of RUSAL."

This move comes when Russia also sent divers to assist in the recovery of the black boxes from the down Asia Air airliner, and in the context of a widening geopolitical contest in Africa between China and Russia, and the Obama administration's stationing of US troops in the ebola-torn regions of west central Africa last year. In short, the geo-political game of 2015 may well be concentrated on Africa, and "ebola" will be the issue that drives great power politics in the region. The move also comes, as per our blogs this previous week, on China's and Russia's establishment of a joint credit ratings agency, and the Russian prohibition of S&P, Moody's, and Fitch's credit ratings operations in that country, and amid revelations that the German Bundesbank has been quietly repatriating gold from the NY Federal Reserve.

So what's going on? Russia and China are playing a long term geopolitical game in Africa, most evident in the fact that the USA sends troops, and Russia sends a hospital and research center, following the Chinese pattern of involvement in Africa by helping to build infrastructure in that plundered continent. The long term game is to build up Africa, and pry it away from the West and America. But make no mistake: that BRICSA assistance will eventually require those nations to send troops to "protect their investment", and perhaps even do so in response to "calls" from African nations to help defend against any further encroachments by the West. My "high octane speculation"? Watch South Africa in the coming months and years, for it was not for nothing that BRICSA bloc recently welcomed South Africa into the fold, for those "calls for help and assistance" could most effectively, and easily, be answered by Africa's own regional power, a power with its own advanced infrastructure and indigenous arms industry. The battle is on for the hearts and minds of central Africa, and the West, one can expect, will now make a tremendous effort to beef up its "humanitarian aid" to the region.
In short, we're looking at Cold War 2.0 in Africa, and the battlegrounds are the same. But there's one important difference. This time it's not just "the West" versus Russia, but "the West" versus Russia and China, and a new player on the bloc (pun intended), called BRICSA. And the "swing vote" here is South Africa, formerly a part (sort of) of that grand Western coalition against Communism under its old apartheid minority governments, and now very much a part of the BRICSA alliance. And there's another issue looming in the geopolitics of Africa besides ebola, and that's the GMO issue, as the USA is mounting a huge effort to pass GMO-friendly laws in various African nations. If Russia, China, and especially South Africa, now begin to sound the GMO alarm in Africa, we'll know the geopolitical game is afoot.
The troops are already in place.
See you on the flip side....