1. For a very ancient depiction of all world’s continents (except Antarctica), check out the video at “http://khemitology.com/egyptian-hieroglyphs-written-during-ancient-times-in-australia-absolutely/”.
    At 53:35 they start talking about this world map, including the America’s and Australia!
    For all you Aussies here on GDS, you may have your very own Egyptian hieroglyphs right in your backyard.
    Any of you live close to go and have a look?

    Isn’t it interesting then. only the left side of the map is in the Cairo museum… Did the right side disappear into the dark catacombs of the museum’s warehouse, never to be seen again?

  2. I’m sorry but this article had absolutely zero research applied to it.

    Australia was ‘discovered’ (though the aborigines didn’t know it had been lost) by the Dutch in 1606, so ostrich eggs could only arrive in Europe after that date.

    Though the egg is beautifully engraved, it simply is impossible that it is as early as claimed, unless there is an even bigger Autralia and/or ostrich conspiracy underlying it.

  3. More embarrassing evidence of for knowledge of the world that predate our Academics official time lines. But this egg shell globe join the long line of maps that shouldn’t exist just waiting for more embarrassing evidence of ooparts to be discovered lets see what the Academics excuses will be this time.

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