January 2, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

George Ann Hughes:

Here's an update on the George Ann Hughes situation: The last I heard, she was supposed to return home today, after receiving some targeted radiation and chemo treatments. This is all I know. I will update when I can, and as I hear things, but please please do not email me asking for information. I simply do not have the time to answer individual emails. I'm sure that once things are settled a bit, that her son will make some sort of update.

Site News:

Due to some personal circumstances, I've had to re-arrange our members' vidchat schedule a bit, so we will not have one tonight, but will have one next Friday night.

Also, I posted our first members' area webinar a few days ago. If you are a member and have webinar subject suggestions, we're always open to them so just email those to me, with WEBINAR SUGGESTION or something like that in the subject header.

Again, we want to wish everyone the very best for 2015!