1. I’ve been to Ghana many times and have friends there. It’s sad to see Ghana has bitten into the forbidden fruit of engineered produce. Colonialism not only is stripping them of their culture day by day bu western influenced over stepping traditional practices of family and spirituality but now they’ve gone to the food. You are what you eat will be the case here. The masses will go to this but the small farmers in the bush off grid will continue the tradition.

  2. Rollerball is being played. Where FedGov.Inc shows up to make sure you sign your resources away on the dotted line.. If not, the MIC department shows up and you have serious trouble. Vampire Squids have nothing on these guys.

  3. To paraphrase Eddie Murphy on SNL with his sketch about Abe Lincoln not signing the emancipation proclamation “take your negro home and enjoy”.

    Ghana’s leaders have reduced their people back to slave status. I wonder how their Swiss bank accounts are doing?

  4. Welcome to Plantation Ghana from liberation back to enslavement. After Agribusiness gets through we will be praying for BRAVE NEW WORLD that will be paradise in comparison to the hell these Victor Frankensteins are dreaming up.

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