1. The outright ban is coming. First you need ammo to shoot down the lies and propaganda from the WTO and Monsatano. That is coming with the long term GMO research project that is being done by Russia and Europe.

    Once they have that then it will be an outright ban without any retaliation from the WTO and their owners. Until then it is steps in the right direction.

    Look at what labelling did to GMOs in Europe. DEATH. Instant death of a market. Nobody would buy it. Off the market inside a year of the first company announcing it wouldn’t use them.

    This is but an interim measure. More, much more, to come!

  2. Have I lost my concentration again? I thought the gig was that GMOs would be BANNED. Yes, mandatory labeling is a good thing, but that will NOT create the pressure to actually research the safety of such products. Am I hallucinating that this is capitulation?

    1. Nines…lets play a game….its a thinking game where you
      get to choose and join one of only 3 dots….
      here we go, join in everyone, were heading into rat utopia with charlie and the choclates…..

      the active poison in rat poison is floride. That is to say, that floride kills rats.
      The government makes it mandatory in city municipalities that floride must be administired in the water, and in tooth paste, it is written that it is good at protecting your teeth from cavities. Independent studies have released findings to the contrary, that it causes pitting of teeth and yellowing.

      the active ingredient in rat poison is floride

      9 out of ten dentists surveyed agree that fluoride should be a part of your daily oral health care

      the active ingredient in rat poison is floride

      there is a warning on tooth paste with floride that warns its users that it should not be swallowed, if swallowed call your poison health center and get medical attention immediately.

      floride is a created during the production of aluminum, which has been linked with premature memory loss, known as alzhimers,

      floride is the active ingredient in rat poison.

      now nines, and all other readers of this blog….simon the simeon says…brush your teeth 3 times a day.

      Tell me the truth, you still use toothpaste with floride…cause everyone else does?

      Tell me the truth nines, do you use toothpaste with floride?

      1. I drink distilled water and I brush my teeth with baking powder. I’m thinking of switching to thorium because I’m in a glowing mood lately.

  3. `Twas listening to John B Wells’ Walter Burien interview of CAFR fame. During that interview Burien alleged that the CAFR funds went international during the 90’s and have gobbled up the majority of all the important industries and assets on the planet. (Holy George Carling Batman! apologies to George.) So, when the PTB wanted to crash the Ruble, they simply sold off assets in the BRIIICSSA nations in the native currencies and purchased dollars. Hence, the preservation of the $USD aka $FRN..

    I am amazed at how well Putin can retaliate. It’s on a much smaller scale. Whether or not he’ll be able to pull a David to the PTB’s Goliath is another matter.

    This was an interesting revelation. They have conquered the World financially with Public Funds and continue to harvest us.

    George Carlin has been nominated for cannonization to be “The Saint of Critical Thinking”.

  4. and there you have it…rather than a outright ban of poison genetically transformed to resemble food , they will label it as food that has been genetically modified that may make you sick…they always warn you, hidden in plain site so as to clear there karma.

    A soft kill…starve or eat poison…….lol, …, poison the well, there is no point in corrupting the youth minds any further, and I dont think you could corrupt them any further than they are…just poison them and get the fema camps up and operational….bon appetite , Je suis Charlie, bon appetite.

  5. Here is one head of state that is not a sycophant to the global drug cartel fingers cross. Wishing Putin well in this battle against the slave world of our western oligarchs.

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