Cosmic Warfare


February 19, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

While all of this high strangeness has been going on with regard to "up there," meanwhile, "down here" things appear to be following somewhat of an interesting pattern, as at the end of last month UFOs have apparently buzzed various French and Belgian nuclear power plants, with the appropriate media coverage in Europe, and a lack thereof in the USA:

UFO Buzzed French Nuclear Power Plant Says Director

Readers of my books will recall that in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations i summarized the magisterial research of Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes, wherein a clear pattern of UFO interest in nuclear weapons sites, storage facilities, and nuclear power plants has been in evidence since the beginning of the nuclear age in World War Two, even to include the 1940s "ghost rockets" episodes over the Baltics and Scandinavia, for the Baltic Sea was the site of a wartime German a-bomb test, as I argued in Reich of the Black Sun.

What's of interest here is the apparent size of the nuclear-buzzing UFOs:

"In late November, France's secretary-general of defence and national security (SGDSN) posted a press release on the issue, stating (translated by Google Translate): "Although currently listed overflights do not present a threat jeopardizing the proper functioning and security of nuclear facilities, they are nevertheless a warning about potential risks from inappropriate or malicious use."

"The SGDSN wrote that they would deal with the issue with "the implementation and development of detection means and the interception of these small aircraft."

"As the months have passed, and the concerns have grown, France has not come any closer to identifying the origins of the mysterious aircraft, and it appears not all of the authorities believe drones are to blame.


Then this curious statement:

"Müller writes that Fleischer is skeptical of the drone explanation, given the descriptions by witnesses. Fleischer suspects there is more to it than French authorities are willing to admit.

"It has been reported that France is on "high alert" due to these UFO overflights of nuclear power plants, and with the latest being earlier this year, this mystery shows every indication of becoming an even bigger concern in 2015."

There are a number of "high octane concerns" here. Last year I spoke at the Secret Space Program conference in June in San Mateo, California, with other speakers Richard Dolan, Catherine Austin Fitts, Michael Schratt, and Mark McCandlish, who has made a detailed almost life-long study of the so-called "Alien Reconstruction Vehicle," a vehicle clearly human in origin, but also clearly based on some exotic physics, technologies, and possessed of UFO-emulating performance characteristics.

In McCandlish's presentation, it was made clear that this vehicle was constructed with state of the art technology... in the 1960s and 1970s. As such, it was large and indeed, capable of human occupation and piloting. But four decades have advanced since then, with corresponding advances in materials engineering, nanotechnology, semi-conductors, super-conductors, electronics and capcitor miniaturization, and, of course, drones. Indeed, there have been stories of small UFO crash and recoveries - in conjunction with similar stories of military development of small exotic-propulsion drones - since the 1950s.

The bottom line here is that one should not leap to the usual "ET" explanation too quickly. There is something going on in France, and it fits the wide and well-known pattern of UFO-nuclear related stories. Coming as it does during a period when France has balked at ongoing participation in the US economic sanctions regime against Russia, and during a period of such bizarre space-related stories, not the least of which were Mr. Medvedev's strange remarks, one does begin to wonder. Someone would appear to be sending France a message, for after all, why not overfly British nuclear plants? Or American ones? Or Indian ones? Why France?  Looked at that way, the story is suspicious, and perhaps the French are not talking, not because they do not know the source and origin, but rather because they do know...

...See you on the flip side...

(My thanks to Mr. S.D. for bringing this article to our attention).