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February 16, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

...While we've been on bizarre space news, did you see this one over at Mysterious Universe? Again, a few people sent me this one, and I have to admit, the story - if true - seems to have been deeply buried by the American lamestream media:

Mysterious Beam of Light Emerges from Plant Explosion

Now, while the article does not make it clear if the mysterious beam of light preceeded or followed the explosion at the electrical plant, logica would seem to imply that it preceeded, for in the second video showing the beam of light, the electrial power is still clearly on, whereas in the first video, the power is clearly off and there's been some sort of explosion and/or fire at the plant.

And here, of course, is where the theories get started:

It’s been well over a week since an electrical power plant substation exploded in Escanaba, Michigan, knocking out power and causing rolling blackouts for days. While power was eventually restored, very little information has been released about what might have caused it. Could it have anything to do with the bright beam of light seen shooting straight up out of the substation during the explosion?

The explosion occurred at 1:30 am on February 2nd in Escanaba, a city of about 13,000 residents located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The substation is near the city’s power plant and is run by the Escanaba City Electric Department. According to witnesses, the explosion and the beam of light lasted for several minutes. Power immediately went out throughout the city and residents were advised to keep non-electric furnaces going due to the cold weather or move to designated shelter areas.

So... according to the article, the beam of light was coming from the power plant either prior to, or during, the explosion. Then, it goes on to offer the following hypotheses by way of summarizing what apparently is the local and internet scuttlebutt on the subject:

"The plant is not a nuclear facility and no UFOs were reported in the area before or after the explosion or anywhere near the beam. No unusual weather was reported, although some wondered if the beam was a secret HAARP experiment.

"An interesting and somewhat sinister possibility has been suggested. In 2012, another mysterious explosion occurred in Alpena, Michigan, about 240 miles from Escanaba. That explosion, which was heard and felt by many in the area but was also not reported by the media, was centered at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center and there were rumors that the center was being used by Russian special forces troops known as Spetsnaz. Why? As part of a secret plot to take down the U.S. power grid. Now there’s a mysterious power substation explosion in Escanaba. Hmm."

Now the mention of Russian Spetsnaz special forces in  the area does raise eyebrows, for it recalls the incident in California in the Silicon Valley area, where an electrical substation was deliberately targeted and professionally "taken out" by a small team of what were clearly people who knew exactly how to take it out, and escape, before local law enforcement could respond. The perpetrators - so far as we know - have never been apprehended nor - again so far as we know - has the California state intelligence or federal intelligence agencies released any lists of suspects.

But I think one can safely rule out Spetsnaz (and anyone else's) special forces, for the simple reason that some sort of exotic technology appears to be involved, and that there does appear to be some causal relationship between the beam of light and the explosion.

Here comes the high octane speculation part. If one looks at the video of the beam in question (which authorities are calling a light from a passing train! Ha! Back to the drawing board guys... the last time I looked, locomotive headlights don't point up into space, but parallel to the ground)... anyway, if one looks at the video at the beam in question, it would appear (1) to be cohered, i.e., it does not appear to be diffuse enough to be a beam light a spotlight, or to put it differently, it looks like a laser beam(which are usually not a pale blue white), being diffused by the atmosphere the further up one goes from the ground; (2) it thus appears brighter toward the ground, which (3) may have led the article's author or authors to conclude the beam was coming from the ground to the sky. But what if one were looking at a beam involving phase conjugation? In this case, the source could indeed by in the sky above, firing a phase conjugate beam down, and because of this, the beam will appear more cohered and less diffuse at the target and not the source of the beam.  How might this be accomplished? There have been a number of experiments going back quite a while involving the electrical polarization or ionization of the columnated air through which a cohered beam of electromagnetic energy - microwaves, infrared, red or green or other optically visible frequences of light, on into the ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma ray frequencies of light - might be beamed. The effect might be the same at the target end with either method (and indeed, they are related methods): an apparent intensification of the beam at the target end, making it look like the source. Thus, what would would actually be seeing in the "beam" of light is not the actual cohered beam of electromagnetic energy, but rather, the ionized column of air through which the beam passes, which, if the beam itself caused the explosion, would most likely have been in the non-visible requencies ranges (and for my money, at the high frequency end). THe messages - from whoever is sending them - would appear to be that "your power grid is terribly vulnerable to any number of interdiction techniques," from special ops teams to more "exotic methods."

And this implies two alternatives, which the article points out, either a source in space, or, some sort of bizarre, focused HAARP/ionospheric heater experiment gone wrong (or, perhaps, horribly right).  I am skeptical of the ionospheric heater explanation, which perhaps leaves a space-based source of some sort (barring  a ground-based interferometry system). Just because there were no visible UFOs or other space-platform, does not mean that such might not have been the case.

But in that case, the incident, comining as it does during a week of very bizarre and curious space news from Medvedev to Podesta, and strange NASA posters acclaiming international space cooperation on a poster loaded with Jedi Knights, light sabers, death stars, and Mars, does make one wonder: Did someone just test, or demonstrate something? And if so, who are they? As for the who, I don't think it was ET....

See you on the flip side...