Cosmic Warfare


And lest we forget NASA, Ms. B.H. sent this one, and it's well worth consideration in the context of our main blog today about the FAA, and the intriguing Lockheed-Martin commercial:
Is the future of space NUCLEAR? Nasa is developing new rockets to send astronauts to new corners of the solar system

While nuclear propulsion systems have been around since the 1950s, in the light of last years news on Andrea Rossi's E-CAT "cold fusion" reactor, Lockheed-Martin's follow-up a few days later with something that looked suspiciously like Farnsworth's plasmator and fusor patents, and its intriguing commercial, this one is perhaps yet another bit of that "controlled release."


  1. Robert Barricklow

    The symbolic balloon cartoon of the light-bulb going-off over
    one’s is very apropos in the story of the inventor, because Edition bought up the ideas of others to monopolize the light bulb, enabling a 24-hr factory, creating shift work, increasing corporate productivity across the globe. He also invented to stock-market “share” incentive for management. So goes the typical story of ideas stolen for profit-and-control; benefiting the few at the expense of many.
    It’s debatable weather a true supply/demand curve
    thrown a “free” invisible hand would have resulted in the lighted sports stadium sooner or later.
    But it certainly would have been a whole different ball-game without the controlled market of ideas.
    Where, ironically fusion & anti-gravity have been under lock & key.
    {Locked key/Lockheed]

  2. If the cold fusion technology is ready there be not nuclear waste issues. Then there is the electro-magnetic propulsion systems so let ditch this go no ware rocket technology the NAZIs saddled the Allied victors with once and for all and get on with exploring space and under seas as we should of along time ago.

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