1. Blue Dragon Lord

    illusions of control of lower species is always amusing we all know their are plenty of other folks up there and that mere fact alone say they are more advanced common knowledge. Not all them are nice aliens so bold claims even if black hearts within the folds of USA made treaties out of fear or just plain stupid with the ‘GIE’. So we can take this statement as another bluster of provado nothing more than that usually hybrids make such arrogant claims having gene of the nasty smelly guys. Claims to take over the world for control of the people and resources is what ‘we’ have noticed so the solar system or galaxy or the universe itself is nothing new either makes us laugh knowing the real story so do not panic ‘younglings’ this comment will go unnoticed without comments i suggest you all do like wise and not add fuel to the fire as a precausion. You do not have first contact skills in place even when invited into dialogue just silence you never check out the data given and respond anyway. What has been noticed is you all look to confirm what you know or think this way you know you are not crazy as others know or think the same as you. That seems to be enough sadly but no matter there are some serious issues out there keep going this however is not one of them just a signpost to keep you off the path of truth and what is important survival.

  2. These megalomanics can’t even run the CSA-USA properly. How do they think or dream they can rule the Solar System let alone the Earth. They must be stoned out on something to believe this.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Don’t forget that other space system…
    between one’s ears…
    It’s FULL Spectrum Dominance!

    1. Blue Dragon Lord

      your ‘Pro Sempa Patria’ for my country always attitude is admirable but this your tribal stance is worrying you should be at least thinking globally by now the forces keeping you apart will win or all ready have.

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