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...But for what it's worth, John Corbett says, "not so fast on the alien stuff..." (and I'm inclinced to agree with much of his concerns):

Episode 301 – How to Fake an Alien Invasion

...of course, faking such a thing would seem to require some rather exotic technology (and bizarre biology), to make such a thing convincing... and if you've been following various books of mine, you'll recall that there is an argument to be made that both exist...



3 thoughts on “TIDBIT: …AND ON THE OTHER HAND…”

  1. Interesting podcast from a researcher who has not dealt much with this area but has often discussed, for example, the risks of transhumanism.

  2. It’s James Corbett but that aside remember all those visions of Mary Mother of Jesus that conveniently appeared. To neutralize any resistance movement by indigenous people against their colonial oppressors around the World. Invaders from another solar system is just another meme to whip up fear and terror to corral the sheeple the technology to pull off such a scam has been under development since at least the 1870s to 1890s. Who knows how advanced it’s now as for War of the Worlds that idea was suggested to H.G. Wells by his older brother as social commentary on the British Empire conquest and liquidation of indigenous people around the World. Orson Welles broadcast of a dramatization must be seen in light of what happen a year later and if you think the people of the USA didn’t know a war was on the way look at the Buck Rogers serials that were being shown in the movie theaters in that era.

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