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And while you're pondering today's main blog, consider also this story, shared by Mr. S.D., relating to the apparent up-tick in UFO-ET related stories in the mainstream media:

Why Are UFO's & Alien Life Suddenly Being Discussed In The Mainstream?

Well, consider (if I may blog a bit more than I usually do in a tidbit): what better what to disclose some exotic but secret technologies, than in the UFO-ET context? "We need to protect ourselves from asteroids and threatening activities against our mining on the Moon(or Mars, or wherever else)..." And that, you'll recall, was what Dr. Carol Rosin has maintained was the "playbook" that Werhner von Braun told her while both were at Fairchild Industries...


  1. Blue Dragon Lord

    Perhaps the answer is simple there are more as things wind down here on this planet space tourist come to see the dying world and so many that just cannot go unnoticed any more and with the media moguls all in retreat and no longer blocking these stories people get to hear that all this is real. So give yourselves a pat on the back you were right as were all those who said they knew the saw before you. As for the rest of the items mentioned wishful thinking this planet has no control of the rest of the solar system sadly the right sold off to their friends it is all way too late selling price were ‘magic beans’ really does anyone every belive in happy ever after fairytale ending we all know better right.

    1. Well this has been interesting but now our curiosity has been satisfied we wish you well in all your adventures to come keep thinking perhaps your own answers can be found within the questions. It is a puzzle but sure you guys can work out the mysteries of it all.

  2. I would add that the “meme” could be reversed, as in ETs could have their own “Event” that might fall short of disclosure, but might require a whole lot of explaining from elite. Since this possibility seems to be on a good many people’s radar, so to speak, this uptick could be a kind of inoculation.

  3. This fits perfectly with your post a couple days ago about possible Moon ownership rights, and let’s be honest here, Mars, asteroids, etc. can be included in that mix. What does are military really do but protect business interests around the world, so why not off-planet as well, and in order to do that, we need to convince everyone that there is a real threat out there. Maybe there is, but the timing is just too perfect.

    Yes, Werhner von Braun. It makes one think that perhaps the military/industrial complex is getting ready to open the last card to the public, the defense against extraterrestrial threats from space. To me this is extremely terrifying, as the only result can be war. In space. And thanks to Joseph we know how the last one turned out.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Although I personally don’t cotton the Corbett; he dies dig up some interesting facts & fits them in some surprising ways. Today, the latest post on his site is: How To Fake An Alien Invasion[approx. 45 minute video].

    As I can no longer stand him – I passed.
    But I’d be remiss not to pass it on –
    as his mission is to seek the truth and pass it on –
    far & wide.


  5. If you can take your memory back to when Eric Von Daniken wrote his book “Chariots of the Gods” it sold millions didn’t it, well WHY?
    As time has moved on from that book, the UFO/ET issue has basically started a “movement” all over the world, and it isn’t going away.
    UFO’ are spotted on a daily basis all over the world, and here’s the cruncher, “they all can’t be ours”. Joseph has spoken about it, written about it, and there are a plethora of authors who have written about it, so what’s going on here. Drum roll please….tah dah….a “cover up” of biblical proportions (pun intended), and our galactic cousins have been silenced, OMO, so when the day comes that there really are aliens and flying saucers, then Mr. Von Daniken will be a happy camper. For the governments who have covered it up, then here comes the rub, in other words you lied to us, and my deal with you is over.

    1. I am of the opinion that our cousins of “Biblical Proportions” were the intended recipients of the Lockheed-Martin commercial ….

      1. Yep I’m leaning toward the cousins, or the US Government itself in the spirit of we at Lockheed are above and beyond your pesky earthbound Cold War 2.0 and we’ll build space ships for whomever pays us, or a flat out we’re with Russia now. Note the F35… Broken…aegis class destroyer … Donald cook’ed… We remember who we are working for… The people that pay us. Which all translates to fusion goes to the highest bidder.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    This is a current theme that I keep going back to; and that is: deception. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the essence of an intelligent species is self-deception[which evolves in the service of deception- to better to fool others. Deceivers and deceived are trapped in a co-evolutionary struggle that continually improves adaptions on both sides[Dr. Farrell has commented on this, I believe, in regards to the elites]. It is ironic that dishonesty has often been the file against which intellectual tools for truth have been sharpened.
    The conscious mind is more of an observer after the fact, while behavior is usually unconsciously initiated. The more social a discipline, the more its development is retarded by self-deception. Thus truth becomes extremely elusive, as by-product of group intelligence; in truth we often lack key pieces of evidence, given the complexity of the subterfuges and our ignorance of the endemic deceptions/self-deceptions inherent in secret bodies. So detection plays catch-up with deception; and truth has been pushed back steadily over time by the continuous propagation of deception[undetected].
    The counter-intuitive fact that needs to be explained is that false information is put into the conscious mind[the symptom of this is a biased system of information flow. Most people are unconscious of the deceptions that went into constructing the narrative they now accept.
    Deception spawns the mental ability to detect it./My memory is so good I can remember things that never happened.
    In regards to ET technologies, they probably went through repeated failures like our currently imposed Tombstone technologies; that are just now being “updated”.
    But the ultimate effect of shielding man for the effects of the folly[self-deception], is to fill the world with fools.

    Feyman: If the experiment disagrees with the truth; the truth is a lie. That’s all there is to it{O took poetic license].

    1. Well if I had a hat, I’d doff it. Though would you care to clarify the “Deception spawns the mental ability to detect it./My memory is so good I can remember things that never happened”. Also, I’ve always wondered the way in which you post/speak, (would the word be cantor?) what is it? I can tell it has a certain rhyme scheme, but I’m no expert on the various schemes. To my own current disappointment, I tended to tune out during the lessons on Shakespeare and poetry provided courtesy of my amerikun edumacayshun.

  7. Our Overlords could always blame the native people they have conquered in the Americas and Australia. Their really sleeper agents-moles sent here by those beastly aliens to enslave Earth Aridzonan_13.

  8. It will be extremely interesting if LENR / Salt Water Drive Vehicles start becoming main stream with the appearance of ET in the MSM. If Joe Public realizes that ET tech has been around for quite some time and has been supressed. Then the PTB are going to face a fire storm. The challenge is going to be, fomenting the lie that us Earthlings came up with all this new tech independently.. If Joe Public wakes up to the realization we’ve been farmed to enrich FedGov.Inc, things could get hot in the old barn yard./

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