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...while we're on the subject of space and secret space technologies, consider this (rather elegant, and thought-provoking) commercial from Lockheed-Martin(shared by Mr. M.D.):


  1. And some little Italian guy from jersey city beat them to it because they were to busy selling warplanes when they should have been watching out for america’s future.

  2. event and observer..materialist? keep the materialist in perspective.stay focused in the mirror ..very cool commercial..hope it turns out.hope we are worthy?

  3. I say- that is a smashing STAR logo right at the end. I wonder who uses the star as a logo. Symbol if you will.

  4. What gets me is…….why does LM have to advertise? I mean there accomplishments over the years have been without peer. I’d hate to think how much LM’ advertising agency charged for this piece of warmonger madness?

    1. Yes, this was my thought too. Most cable news suburbanites or YouTube drones catching this ad between hot links, beer, and Game of Thrones don’t usually have the cash lying around to say, “Honey, remember to pick up a couple of Hellfires from Lockheed next week on your way to have our F-35 serviced.”

      The whole thing looks more like something out of the 50’s, like those “Tomorrowland” cartoons from Disney. And did you notice the last part where the two techs look at ‘something’ in a warehouse and then look at each other with expressions of “I’m so glad I slept with you last week so that I can see this marvelous contraption that is going to change the world to the degree that we don’t even know what it does yet.”

      It makes me wonder just what ideological parasite is incubating inside the body of corporatism waiting for the day it erupts, kills its host, and brings that thing that will “change the world next”. But they’re working on it. And they know who they’re working for.

      Marketing majors. Sometimes you have to wonder who they’re working for.

  5. Pretty disingenuous at points – “the most advanced fighter inthe world” (which doesn’t work worth a damn).

    I wonder if the failure of the pilot support systems will be part of the mandated change to making it an RPV or “autonomous” plane? All part of the scam?

  6. Lockheed Martin there are two calls on hold one from the Calids and one from Thals. They would like to negotiate with you about buying armaments and munitions. They’ve been engage in a thousand year war with each other and are running out of weapons to kill the other. High profits for you merchants of death assured.

  7. Holy Moses!!! .. this is absolutely FILLED with “double speak” (so to say) worthy of watching a few times .. ie ” We obsess over things most people only imagine” .. ” We are at the forefront ” .. “while protecting our most valuable resources” (What exactly are “their” MOST valuable resources ? .. I highly doubt it’s us ) .. “redefining COMBAT ships” .. “advanced FIGHTERS” .. Militarise and weaponise any and everything .. I can only but IMAGINE a world without WAR .. whilst LM obsesses over it .. Dream on .. Dream on .. it’s all in my imaginings and probably always will be ……
    PS .. Great point DrDampier … Who exactly ARE they working for ??

    1. Robert Barricklow

      A very sophisticated piece of propaganda,
      on many, many levels.

      A Double O assassin of truth
      [Orwellian Overlo(a)(r)d…]

    2. Glad you can see it too Robert .. (very sophisticated piece of propaganda on many many levels) .. its a “jaw dropper” actually .. Truth is .. LM obsesses over things most people couldn’t even begin to imagine and wouldn’t want to either.

    3. My thoughts exactly. Doublespeak out the ass. They certainly aren’t advertising their products to you or I. Seems to me more like a message to those in the know and a propaganda filled, controlled release psyop all wrapped up in one. The “we never forget who we’re working for” could be a dig at Russia, or the US Government for that matter. They showed the f-35 that doesn’t work, then they showed the latest navy ship, which is the same class of ship as the Donald Cook right? We all know what happened with the Donald Cook, and wasn’t there a blog entry recently about Lockheed and other defense contractors not adhering to the sanctions on Russia? They work for the one’s lining their pockets, maybe the ad actually is a dig at the US, in the form of we’re above and beyond (haha get it) your pesky earthbound wars and we’ll work for whoever we damn well please . When they started with the most advanced fighter bit they showed the F-35, then they proceed to show the inside of the cockpit with the “futuristic” augmented reality virtual displays. The f-35 is current tech and does in fact come equipped with those very kind of displays. Meaning the futuristic computers they showcased the actors working on probably also already exist. I know thats small potatoes in comparison to crazy space ships, but in relation to secret advanced tech it’s a confirmation of sorts To the person that commented on the drone pilot/aircraft, the navy’s version of the f-35 can be flown in drone mode.

  8. LM gets cost + 25% on their Gummint contracts.. Tell how you fail with that kind of corporate welfare? They are the forefront of FedGov.Inc’s harvesting machine.

  9. Robert Barricklow

    War Is Our Primary Business.
    And The Business of War Profiteering Is Good!

    [It’s Been A Proven Business Plan
    Since Christ Was A Corporal.]

  10. Maybe the ad should go …
    “If you’ve seen it on Star Trek, we’ve done it … go to the moon for lunch, we’re doing it … we can take E.T. home, we have stuff that would make George Lucas drool! We stitched up Communism, we’re on top of terrorism and rogue nations …. we’re pot shotting asteroids and we have Aliens in our sights … we are Lockheed Martin!”

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