Check Your Membership

If you're a paid-up member of Giza, please log into Giza and test that you have full member access. If not, take these steps:
  1. check your paypal account to see when you last paid Giza.
  2. If it's current, send an immediate support ticket via the site.

If you're not currently a member, but used to be, you either downgraded, or the system downgraded you because it couldn't collect payment from your paypal account.

  1. log into paypal and update your payment method until paypal says it's "verified"
  2. upgrade your current Giza account (no need to create a new one) via the registration page

We're seeing the system clean out a lot of 'end of terms' for people who haven't paid in a while, and so far we think it's normal spring cleaning, but we'd like to know for sure.


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