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March 22, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

A couple of weeks ago, a principal leader of the Russian opposition to Mr. Putin, Mr. Boris Nemtsov, was gunned down on the streets of Moscow in Red Square, within sight of the walls of the Kremlin and of St. Basil's. Almost as quick as the story appeared, a number of commentators in the alternative media, immediately suspected that the assassination was the work, not of Mr. Putin, but rather of covert operatives of the West, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former member of the Reagan administration being perhaps the most well-known person registering doubts about Putin's alleged connection to the murder. But there were others, and indeed, this author himself was made aware of the assassination during our bi-weekly members' vidchat, and this was my immediate suspicion as well.

Now there has emerged a bit of evidence - if the following article be true - coming from inside of Russia itself, and this was shared by Ms. D.O., a regular reader here:

Were the props and slogans for Nemtsov's memorial march prepared before or after his death?

Now, the point here is that in Russia, they're noticing the curious appearance of professionally done posters, t-shirts, and so on, within a day or two of Mr. Nemtsov's murder. And, like any reasonable person would, they're asking questions, not so much about the murder, but how it is being spun. There's no doubt the murder was preplanned, but the appearance of such "media spin" in conjunction with the scheduled anti-Putin protests that Mr. Nemtsov was supposed to attend, raises the bar considerably, and raises the question of just what is going on.

For those who recall the Maidan "revolution" about this time last year, the pattern is suspiciously familiar, for the Kiev coup was accompanied, curiously, by the sudden appearance of posters and t-shirts and so on in numbers that could only indicate that they had been prepared long before the events themselves unfolded.  And given the now apparent fact that the West's hands are not entirely clean in the whole Ukrainian mess, the patten appears to point the finger to the West and to Washington and its non-government organizations which played such a heavy role in the instigation of the Ukrainian mess.  Clearly, in Mr. Nemtsov's case, this was a professional job, indicating some sort of intelligence background and preparation. The only question is: whose?

So what can we expect? For one thing, regardless of who is responsible for Mr. Nemtsov's murder, both sides are going to try to squeeze every last ounce of propaganda value out of it that they can. And here, I suggest (in my high octane speculation of the day) we have an opportunity to assess the reliability of the governments and media of the interests involved, and particularly, of Mr. Putin's, for if Mr. Putin and his government are not involved, they will want to be this unequivocally clear not only to the world but more importantly to the Russians themselves. And they will want to do so as quickly as possible, without sacrificing a thorough and detailed investigation.  And if the West should be involved, then similarly, Mr. Putin and his government will want to determine how, and for what purpose, and one can expect that they will play the propaganda value of such a possible discovery for all it is worth, particular in regions and countries where the West's moral capital is increasingly questioned.

The bottom line? Watch this one closely, for what Russia - and the West - say now will go a long way to determine who was behind it, and why.

See you on the flip side.