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We recently had someone deface the Giza website. Once Support knew about it, we recovered quickly. In the process, we've tightened security on numerous fronts.

Comment Voting: Part of that process means we dropped our most recent functionality addition (comment "likes"). We had not announced it, because it was experimental anyway. That is likely not the path of attack we experienced, but better to be safe than sorry. We'll revisit comment voting at a future date. 🙂

End of Term: Meanwhile, if you recently received an "end of term" notice from Giza about your membership, keep in mind that memberships downgrade to free subscriber status when the system can no longer receive the membership dues. Usually, this means an expired payment method in Paypal, or else you've manually downgraded or cancelled. The system may not always notify the member immediately, and sometimes the notification occurs much later.

Fitts Podcasts: The Catherine Fitts podcasts now use a different media player, but should work very well on most devices.

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  1. Margaret on March 10, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    The GDS site always runs so reliably that it was a Shock! seeing the server down this morning. Thanks to Mr. Support for intervening so quickly and thankfully no harm was done. The day just doesn’t start right without a cup of coffee and Giza front page headlines 😉

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