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March 14, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

February 27, 2015 I ran a blog called CERN PHYSICIST AMIT GOSWAMI: WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE’RE DOING…, which, as many of you were klind enough to point out to me, came from one of the proliferating "satire" websites that are now popping up all over the place. Well, and with due apologies to Dr. Gotswami, I fell for it. Gotswami is one of my favorite "paradigm questioners" as he's one of those physicists increasingly questioning the merely materialist paradigm on which so much modern physics, and for that matter, modern biology, have been based. In any case, and again with apologies to Dr. Gotswami, I've been from the get-go unsettled about CERN's Large Hadron Collider, and what appears - to my amateur eyes at least - a track record of obfuscation. Yes we found the Higgs; no we didn't find the Higgs; maybe we found the Higgs, but we found some superluminal "things"; no we didn't find superluminal things because Pope Einstein said so; but whatever we found, maybe we should reconsider recasting all the equations of theoretical physics in dimensionless form; and oh, by the way, Hawking thinks maybe it's a good idea not to turn the thing back on because it might destroy the planet.

Well, as I stated in the above article, those two things - Hawking's warning and the dimensionless equation thing -  still leave me rather breathless, for it's probably the most significant indicator that maybe we're not being told the whole story by the good folks at Shiva-toting CERN. Maybe, maybe not, but last year you'll recall, China announced that it wanted to build an even larger version of CERN's Large Hadron Collider (see: China plans super collider). At the time of this announcement, and to this day, I entertain the idea that China has done so because it is perhaps suspicious of what CERN has been saying about what it is doing.

But as a commenter on my original CERN-Gotswami article pointed out, Europe is planning a new breed of truly awesome particle accelerators using enormous and extreme-ultra-high powered x-ray and perhaps even gamma ray lasers to probe the structures of atomic nuclei (among other things, which we'll get to in a moment), all of which is to be built in Romania:

World’s brightest laser pulses will create matter out of nothing – Prof. Wolfgang Sandner

EC approves funding for giant Romanian laser

Now, there are a number of things to note from the first article, and one thing to note from the second:

  1. The major spokesman for the project appears to be Dr Wolfgang Sandner;
  2. The lasers - Extreme Light Infrastructure - will generate more power than all the world's power stations combined, in short, extremely high intensity bursts, in the range of 100,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power;
  3. When focussed on material surfaces short bursts of time, the surface of materials "instantly" enters a plasma state;
  4. The Romanian laser facility will use these lasers in the gamma frequency of the spectrum, in other words, these lasers are actually "grazers", favorite plaything along with their less-powerful x-ray lasers of yesteryear's Star Wars or Strategic Defense initiative program; and finally,
  5. The purpose of all this laser-grazer-driven alchemy is to study matter under the extreme heat and pressure conditions of stars, and perhaps, says Dr. Sandner, to be able to accelerate much heavier particles than conventional accelerators and perhaps even to create electron positrons (i.e., anti-matter) "out of nothing" using nothing but light.

And to this, add one more tidbit, noted by the second article: "The light source for the Romanian facility is expected to comprise at least two “Apollon” type Ti: sapphire lasers, each capable of 10 PW power levels using the chirped-pulse amplification technique pioneered at the University of Rochester in the 1980s."(Emphasis added).

Now, the mention of sapphires here is perhaps mildly curious, since sapphires also figured heavily into Soviet experiments using them to detect gravity waves, which physics historian Nick Herbert wrote about, and which I mentioned in my very first book in alternative speculation, The Giza Death Star.

What all this adds up to is, I suspect, something profoundly disturbing, and my commentator on the original CERN article that I posted on Feb 27, 2015, mentioned the possibility: could we (in our high octane speculation of the day) be looking at the public face of a super-weapons project? After all, researching matter under such intense conditions, even creating anti-matter, using grasers, is an indicator that the methods of creating reusable x-ray and gamma ray lasers, the problem that daunted the 1980s "Star Wars" project, has been solved to some degree. And note also, that the power output of these lasers is of quasi-class one category in the Kardashev scale, i.e., power is being produced exceeding the output of the planet's powerplants. And I suspect the reader will also have thought the same thing I thought: if these lasers can be used to create plasmas and even anti-matter, then perhaps they can be used to create anti-matter for total annihilation-reactions with matter, i.e., for disintegration in the "classic ray gun" sense. Scale up these research possibilities into something even more powerful and then put it into space with the requisite power source and you have... well... potentially something that could dustify the errant asteroid... add to this those 1960s Air Force proposals (or for that matter, the recent Japanese proposals to turn the MOON into a microwave generating powerplant to beam "power" back to the Earth) for microwave satellites collecting power and beaming them to (uninhabitable) regions on the planet where it would be collected in "rectennae" and converted to electrical power... The bottom line here is that the technology exists, and is going to be built. Thus, the real problem is, have they already been built, and to much larger scales? I'll leave you to answer that one for yourself, but for my part, I have a very uneasy intuition about the answer to that question, and I needn't mention what that intuition is...

See you on the flip side...