1. Robert Barricklow

    The problem with these “platforms” of information are “they’re” sources. When examining “information”, recognize the messenger/message. To do so, look, behind both; and you’ll see the real message being sent. The message & messenger you & I see, are but instruments/tools of they’re master’s. Both; being made from the same cloth, a customized ideology, or religious-cut; suited to/for CONTROL & COMMAND, not only as becoming those that are “selected”; but then for preaching to the masses, from their very closely vetted “conditioned” hearts/minds.



    1. Blue Dragon Lord

      As always Robert Barricklow hits a home calling for truth bless him point well taken thank you good man. Truth indeed even if not recognized should still be the way to go agreed.

  2. marcos toledo

    The problem if we look at the Norman Empire aka the British Empire is unlike other empires. Was spread out over the world unlike the Persian, Hellenistic-Roman empires, Chinese, Mongolian empires more connected by continuous land including the Roman empire divided by the Mediterranean sea to a great extent. It’s to geography we have to look to understand the Norman-American mind set and stupidity.

    1. Blue Dragon Lord

      Yes that may have been true once but now it is a small world and linked as never before in history. the five arrows spread out originally as M.A. Rothschild had instructed now more trusted as least to follow blindly to take on the other places so it is now global. Did like the well thought out historical facts great links so not too bad heart in the right place.

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