1. I love the way China snuck in the terrorism theme.

    Who says the Chinese don’t have a sense of humour!

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Governments keep demanding access and reform from legislating protections. Its a powerful feedback loop: the business model[read private] supports the government effort[public?], and the government effort justifies the business model.
    The question then is: What happened to the…

    Public’s interest.

    Has it been amortized?
    Sanitized & domesticized?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      We are tenant farmers for these companies,
      working on their land by producing data
      that they sell for profit.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      By the way, this meme about taking-out your cellphone battery & all is well? Don’t believe it.
      They can remotely turn on your phone
      [a “blind” call that doesn’t ring, & isn’t detectable by the network, the carrier, or target]
      ..then turn on your mic.

      What else is new?

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Monopolies/oligopolies are dead set against competition.
    The Pentagon wants no challengers in the 5th domain[cyber-space]; nor any others , that counters their mandate:
    Full Spectrum Dominance.

    The U.S. the is Aghast at such Audacity:
    Free Markets?/Independent Nations?
    Dream On…

  4. Well if the USA intelligence agencies want to put spyware in their countries computer companies machines. They’re saying China can’t do the same isn’t there a name for this “O” yes it’s called hypocrisy.

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