1. Unlikely he was killed for having evidence for something as obvious as Russia arming pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

  2. The only witness,the neo-nazi prostitute of the right wing leadership of Kiev,that set up the hit in front of the kremlin and with a street sweeper blocking the video of the actual murder,is allowed to go back to her pimp in Kiev. She is the weak link in this gladio hit and should have been locked down in Siberia for a while till she cracked. Lets hope it winds back up in Ukraine so Putin spills the beans on 9-11,which he has stated he has definative proof that the US government was directly involved in the destruction of all three world trade center building,something far more important than Kiev or poland. This proof coming from Russia’s space based security network.

  3. marcos toledo

    Even if Putin’s percent numbers are a little inflated. I say they are percent numbers any Western leader would really kill for.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    No respectable fish wants to get wrapped-up
    in any Kasparov Ink, being splashed against Putin.

  5. Of course those approval numbers are made up. No one gets approval numbers like that if the polling is honest. No one.

  6. I think the chess guy answered his own question:
    “If you have 86% support, why do you kill someone like Boris?” ….. “He maybe can reach two million people online at best. A demonstration brings out a hundred thousand people at most. So if you are so confident, why do that?”
    Well, exactly, dude. Why would he do that?
    If this guy’s such a great chess player, he should understand the concept of long-term positional play, doncha think?

  7. While anything is possible, I do not see any evidence in this short article, just assertions.

    Meaningful argument must include presenting some sort of evidence for what you say . . . .

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