Tidbits of Conspiracy News


Hi folks. Mr. Jeroen van Straaten has informed me that the presentations of the speakers at last year's Secret Space Program conference in San Mateo, California, are now available for free on YouTube. The speakers were, in order: Saturday: Mark McCandlish, Michael Schratt, yours truly, Robert Morningstar; Sunday: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jon Rappaport, Richard Dolan, yours truly, Dr. Carol Rosin.


  1. That the astronauts were warned off the moon landings I have this to say;If the moon miners were aliens,this would not be a shock to anyone and their claim to the mining rights would be understood readily as would their limitations to earthman travel and colonization efforts. Even an old humanoid presents from another time on some previously inhabited planet would not cause such a paranoid reaction. BUT a NAZI presents due to the fact that the germans discovered advanced propulsion technology and ran with it,now able to dictate space exploration policy to the world at large would be considered UNACCEPTABLE to most of the modern world,no matter what weapon they had pointed at us. Except perhaps the euro-zone under their present german leadership. Only this in my eyes would cause the vehement reaction from the space community to admitting to what is out there and controlling space. That we talk of mining asteroids yet make no mention of mining on the moon at all is stranger than tiny tim tiptoeing through the tulips. Knowing the space travelers are not superior beings would create a determined attempt to recreate the technology they have as they would only be some 50 years ahead and not 100,000 years ahead of us technically. A bridgable gap,not easy or even realistically possible but still something mankind would strive for at all costs knowing the enemy for who they really are. Holding the german population hostage against any attemps to eliminate non-germanic populations may be the only thing keeping us from total destruction.

  2. These are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Will there be another Secret Space Program conference? Prehaps somewhere more accessible than the US west coast?

    Thanks again,

    Basseterre Kitona

  3. I just “fall in love” with Catherine Austin Fitts. With her presentation I even get angry with how easy are they giving money out to the black budget

  4. Finally, if anyone recalls where the slide referencing Knight Rider SBD Battlestar Galactica, let me know as I would love to show my family. I think it may have been the contract artist? Anyways, if anyone stumbles on it and you happen to note the speaker and time, let me know, otherwise I plan on rewatchimg all for pleasure anyhow. I would also like to write that gentleman. Ohhh, idea! He would be a great guest to talk with Dr. Farrell. I wish Dr. Farrell had more high octane conversations with Fitts, and others that bring out different parts of him. My prayers go to George Anne, and I muss their Byte shows dearly. The coast shows will be watered down, but I would love certain minds to get together, like Mares and Farrell is always great, but what about other minds in other similar but fuffetebt disciplines where they can have a great meeting of the minds. Joseph, did you promote Janus on Red Ice? Anyway, I would live to gear shows that discuss Albion and Jewish History, the various schisms, Gnosticism, templars and the like. Nazis only interest me so far.

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