1. If Veterans Today is the one not to be relied upon, there has been a major blowup there detailed here:


    Stew Webb has gone his own way with VT Radio and, in his last two shows linked in the article, explains why, blowing the whistle big time on Gordon Duff. The beginning of the first clip and the remainder of the second clip after 49:00 are good. In particular, Webb and Dean Henderson dump on Duff and his “space alien” shtick designed to discredit the very intel he releases (Webb argues that these are spiritual entities known throughout human history as demons), while freely opening up on Hitlery Clinton and her husband where Duff formerly restrained them.

  2. Doubtless the website alluded to is VT, which I visit daily but have bookmarked as “Disinfo Today.” They are all over the place and mostly offer scattershot drivel, but occasionally some real news is reported in the dreck — in the end, not very much different than any so-called “respected” MSM outlet, is it?

    And i think you’re right, their assessment here seems very reasonable, with the caveat that there were much higher (Western) higher-ups orchestrating the hit.

    1. “Doubtless the website alluded to is VT, which I visit daily but have bookmarked as “Disinfo Today.””

      Well, Duff does claim that the only way they can release such good intel is by mixing it with disinfo. And what would life be like if you did not have to wade through reports of the US Navy battling an alien force outside the Golden Gate (precisely when the movie “Battleship” was in theaters)? And what about Duff and his “intel” on all the “alien races”? He looks you straight in the eye and says that this is serious intel! In the meantime, there is a whole demographic on the internet now obsessed with “Blue Avians.” Hahahahahaha!

      I don’t know. It is kind of fun sifting the nuggets from a panful of the silliest disnfo imaginable.

  3. I assume that the news source you rarely used is that of Radio Liberty-Radio Free Europe well know for truth and enlightenment around the World. A dead mouthpiece for your cause can’t contradict any of your statements in the future and their dead body can be waved as a bloody shirt in any future cause your pimping.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    As with the JFK assassination, all leads will be,
    literally …dead-ends.
    Like one of the above articles, I believe like the RT.com exec does, The West is behind this assassination.

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