Podcast: Dr. Joseph P. Farrell


Strange reporting from RT about the Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank... the founding members is a stunning list, but minus one significant Asian player: Japan. The question is, what may be going on behind the scenes?


  1. Despite The Citizen’s of “Western Culture” paying for the privilege of their growing disillusionment, China still retains an enormous advantage over the USA and EU nations in terms of the ability of the State to issue bonds for long-term Eurasia/infrastructure projects. If China & Russia and other states within the SRO/AIIB orbit were to genuinely cooperate and mutually plan/fund it internally[not on the dollar/Euro], it would generate an economic renaissance for decades. Building high speed rail, IT communications[outside the orbit of NASA], and more – The prospect of an unparalleled economic boom lasting into the next century and beyond is at hand.

    [Perhaps someone could accidently let loose some zero-point energy cats, right out-of-the-bags – to really gets things fired-up!]

  2. Our “War w/o End Amen” foreign policies have left the world cold. Where burning everything down is not a known recipe for success. The AIIB, BRICSA alliance have decided to light a candle and curse the AngloShere darkness. While the US and what is left(?) of it’s allies plot proxy wars everywhere we can. I’m flabbergasted by our leaderships(whoever they are) unending hubris.

    1. Wrong Aridzonan it’s the Norse-Sphere hiding behind the Anglo-Saxon-Jute mask. Since 1066 these Viking raiders have use their victims as masks to hide their true identity to pillage the planet.

  3. Washington DC problem is they’re old school they dream they’re the exceptional nation. Not the at most educated barbarians they are I am speaking of the over schooled know nothings who fantasize they know enough to rule the World. As for the Japanese the seventieth anniversary of the two nuke jobs is coming up this year plus the dirty bomb in 2011 should for time keep them under foot. North Korea has to end the armistice limbo the USA has kept that peninsula frozen in time. A peace treaty must be signed to end that war finally once and for all.

  4. Seems like the US has been left out in the cold with regard to this new AIIB. China has pulled off a major blow to the western elites, aka the IMF and the World bank. So did Japan make “very quiet” inquiries to China, their mortal enemy? and then try to cover it up?
    The US is slowly getting isolated, but it is going to take something major to bust up the western alliance aka NATO, and this bank might be just the start of the “DIVORCE”.

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