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News and Views from the Nefarium Update

Youtube is changing its support of 3rd party apps [explained], which affects our ability to present the ongoing stream from the Nefarium. It's happening to [everyone] who displays latest youtube video from a list on their site. Other videos such as member vidchats and member dialogues are not affected, since they're posted individually. Thanks for the subtle notice, Youtube. We'll be looking for a new way to stream the Nefarium list in May, but it may go through some evolutions before it's ideal. Meanwhile for News and Views: Stay tuned [here] or visit the home page of Giza - there will be a link.

3 thoughts on “News and Views from the Nefarium Update”

  1. I view on a windows machine anyway. You can still see Youtube on a browser on an old iPad. My son won it as a door prize at an Xmas party in 2010 and gave it to me. He’s a digital film editor.

  2. My iPad apps, the yYutube app that comes with the 1st generation iPad and a paid advance Youtube app no longer work for any content! It happened in tthe same time period so it may be related or quite a co-incidence!

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