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Ms. B.H. shared this, and I love it, and have to pass it along. South Dakota, my home state, has apparently had it with all of this talk about going to Mars, and is making it clear that moving to South Dakota would be a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun. And fun, particularly for me, since it was an ad agency in my home town, Sioux Falls, that came up with the idea.

South Dakota: At least we're not Mars!

Now, a word of cautionary advice to my fellow South Dakotans: you don't want people from those states where you're running your ads to move to South Dakota. They'll give you an income tax, incredibly high taxes, bloated and completely incompetent state bureaucracies, public schools on the cutting edge of mediocrity and failure, and, quite possibly, turn the West River ranches and East River farms into the Dakota equivalent of California's southern San Jaquin valley.  You're doing just fine without them.


  1. rich overholt

    ” F*** this planet.” ~ Gallagher

    From, ” The Red Planet ”

    Starring, Val Kilmer ( as Gallagher ), and Carrie-Anne Moss

  2. Up in cuckooland, previously known as Canada we have armed govt agents keeping a 24 hour watch on maple sugar producers to make sure they don’t sell there products on the open markets.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Project Censored is getting ready for their 2016 edition.
      VINs: fresh-off-the-press[validated independent news stories]

      Check here jedi[top of page to your right]
      Beaucoup CENSORED Stories concerning Canada.


  3. Robert Barricklow

    The worst that can happen to a country or state is…
    The Resource Curse or The Paradox of Plenty.

    That’s “our” upside world today,
    where wishing someone plenty…
    is a curse.

  4. NO Joseph it’s South Dakota doing it’s duty telling us helots. There is no escape from your cruel and murderous masters resistance is futile. You were born to suffer and die horrible death for their twisted desires were just their toys.

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