Babylon's Bankers


As you might have guessed by now, we're on a bit of a "sequere pecunia" meme this week, as we're following the money and what it might be saying. Last week, you'll recall, I blogged about education, and about the opportunities that it presented culturally to the United Kingdom to become "a player" once again, maybe not quite in the way it was during the halcyon years of Victoria and Edward VII, but at least in a much more vigorous fashion than now. Only one thing, I suggested, really stood in its way: the European Union and the goofy globaloney idea of the "obscolescence of the nation-state," In that blog, I suggested that the United Kingdom and the wider British Commonwealth, over the long term, might be perfectly positioned to act as a bridge between Europe, the West, and the BRICSA nations, but would not be able to exploit that position so long as it was but a cog in the Brussels-EU machine. By parity of reasoning, it might also be said that it won't be able to exploit that situation if it remains subservient to Washington and Wall Street.

There have been a number of moves by Great Britain that do suggest something is in the works, including, as we saw recently, the move to join China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. Indeed, during that episode, there were little, barely audible, rumbles of thunder from across the pond, for one can imagine how the move was received in the "old money" quarters of New England which has long believed its own propaganda about the "special relationship" that is supposed to obtain between the two countries (forgetting, of course, that post-World War One period where the admiralties and general staffs of both countries were preparing for the next great world war over trade... with each other). One can imagine the shock: another example of perfide Albion, the effrontery! the cheek! The French were right! Pity about poor Admiral Villeneuve!

Now, however, there's been another revelation that something might be afoot, from this article shared by Mr. S.D. Brace yourself, it's a "whopper-doozie":

‘Brexit’ blunder: Mark Carney faces grilling over Bank of England’s secret plan for U.K.’s exit from EU

Yes, that's right, but in case you missed it, the Bank of England - under the direction of a Canadian no less (the shock! the horror! the Commonwealth cheek of it all!) - has been secretly planning for an exit of the United Kingdom from the EU:

"Canadian fiscal heartthrob Mark Carney is set to face awkward questions from the U.K. Parliament after the embarrassing revelation that his Bank of England is secretly planning for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

"The disclosure of “Project Bookend,” which threatens to undermine Carney’s pledge of transparency, came on Friday when his chief spokesman, whom he brought to London from the Bank of Canada, accidentally emailed strategy documents to an editor at The Guardian newspaper, including guidance for how to rebuff questions from the public.

"Even Bank of England staff were to be kept in the dark about the project, in which a senior executive was to lead a secret team planning for the so-called “Brexit.” A referendum on leaving the EU was a major platform plank for the newly re-elected Conservative government, and is expected by 2017."

But,there's a few bumps in the road:

"Britain’s newly re-elected Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants the country to remain in the EU, but only if it reforms, and he campaigned on a promise to put the question to a national referendum. The Labour Party campaigned against a referendum, saying it would support it only if more powers were to be transferred to Brussels, but since its defeat it has changed policy, and now supports the referendum.

"Carney has previously spoken in support of the referendum plan, saying it should take place “as soon as necessary.”

"Planning for the future is, of course, part of a central bank’s role, and the Bank of England often plays “war games,” such as an exercise last year when the U.S. and U.K. acted out their responses to a crisis at a major bank. But as the Brexit moves from hypothetical to reality, the bank’s role as a source of economic guidance becomes ever more precarious."

There you have it, both major political parties within the UK are in the grip of Eurocrats and globaloneyists, but they want a "referendum," which, one may speculate, will be one of those rubber-stamp votes to get the approval of "the people," and, should that approval not be forthcoming, the outcome can always be "renormalized" to reflect the theoretical dogma, an outcome that should have happened if only the British electorate voted sensibly.. But, there is the Old Lady of Threadneedle street, and she's been laying plans for a "Brexit," and that old lady has some powerful backers and shareholders that are part of a very old oligarchy, and not all of them (with the exception of a certain family whose surname begins with "R") may be sitting on the globaloney bench.  This may be one to watch folks, and one can only hope that Brussels will continue to turn a deaf ear to British concerns. Then the game will become very interesting indeed. And while we're talking about Britain, votes, and "renormalization", it was, after all, British theoretical physicist Paul Dirac who objected to the whole process of "renormalization" when those troublesome infinities in results kept popping up, and were "adjusted" and "renormalized" (by ignoring them).

See you on the flip side...


  1. Not exactly on-topic but curious “genetic” link with the East India Company:
    “DNA testing has revealed Prince William will become Britain’s first king to have proven Indian ancestry.
    Genetic experts have found a direct lineage between the Duke of Cambridge and a part-Indian woman called Eliza Newark.
    She was a housekeeper for his great-great-great-great-great grandfather Theodore Forbes, a Scottish merchant who worked for the East India Company in Surat, a port north of Bombay.
    They had a daughter called Katherine – and it is through an unbroken maternal line to the prince’s mother, Princess Diana, that the young royal and his brother Prince Harry have inherited the Indian DNA…”

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Hard to tell of that’s out of the theatrical closet; or the skeleton closet replete with all kinds of “normal” human behavior more representative of a commoner than what they would have you believe. Either way it looks like part of a managed perception agenda. And that probably reflects upon how jaded I’ve become when it comes to “discoveries”.

    2. While off topic a bit, there’s a good interview on with Joseph. The presenter actually allows the guest to put more than two sentences together without interrupting and asks some thoughtful questions.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Thanks for the post Don.
        Not only is it an outstanding interview; the site is also full of interesting interview subject matter.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    The Press Chorus sings to the tune of the intelligence agencies.
    If it leaks; a singer singing a special note;
    either in tune or out/
    It’s scripted.

  3. I think Dana is spot-on here; this was a purposeful leak and no accident. No one is THAT stupid to email confidential files to the press, files which doubtless took some time to upload to an email server before pressing “send.”

    Just the BoE’s way of saying, “Goodbye and good luck, EUSSR.”

  4. Britain’s links with Germany are well known to anyone who doesn’t follow the usual rhetoric. It therefore begs the question as to who really pulls the strings? Yes, there have been years of painstaking effort directed at the plebs to smooth over the royals’ past but strip away all the union jack waving and the links to Germany couldn’t be clearer.

  5. The Bank of England doesn’t do “anything” without consulting some heavy batters, and those guys are the top of the pile in the elite class. Remember those guys from Venice moved to Amsterdam and then to London, and it’s those boys who “rule”.
    So it goes back to “qui bono”, and “IF” the people of England think they will have a say in it, then they are kidding themselves.

  6. Osborne too:

    To be fair, though, they’d not be doing their jobs properly if they didn’t at least model the scenario.

    Plus this is interesting. It echoes your post last week referenced in today’s piece, particularly with regard to the UK:

    He’s a bit too keen on that Transatlantic Trade Pact for my liking, however.

  7. marcos toledo

    Why don’t the UK elites just try to but together with the Scandinavian countries a North Sea Union a la King Canute.

    1. This story about an “accidentally sent e-mail” sounds like a set-up, a prelude to the easing out of Mr “Colonial” Carney. Kid-glove treatment considering the rate of “bankster fatalities”…

      1. It could just as easily be construed as the opposite – a handy leak that lets Europe know we’re serious about this.

        Plus, they should be doing this sort of thing anyway – can’t just wait until 2017 and wing it. A similar study was carried out prior to the Scottish referendum.

        Or it might just be that someone screwed up. The elites are human too, allegedly.

      2. Robert Barricklow

        I don’t see England being in Germany’s camp; or visa-versa. I understand their joining the AIIB; although not running with the BRICSA Big Dogs.
        Still, I wonder whose going be playing with these “suicideds” & “Acts of God” cards, as the game moves forward. It appears they will be more than a few jokers & aces than can be accounted” for. Even a sharp Hollywood accountant eyeball’s jumping around like Mexican beans.

        1. Britain’s links with Germany are well known to anyone who doesn’t follow the usual rhetoric. It therefore begs the question as to who really pulls the strings? Yes, there have been years of painstaking effort directed at the plebs to smooth over the royals’ past but strip away all the union jack waving and the links to Germany couldn’t be clearer.

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