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May 14, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now this is a really intriguing story, one brimming over with H.O.S. (High Octane Speculation) possibilities. It was shared by Mr. M.D.(to whom goes a big thank you). Scientists at NASA has successfully demonstrated that Internet links to the Moon are possible:

The Moon is Now a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Now the article suggests, humorously, that one reason for the test is so that the first lunar Starbuck's franchise can have its wyfy connection assured:

"Complimentary Wi-Fi is so commonplace that a business advertising its “hotspot” in the window seems somewhat passé. But a new hotspot location should impress even the most jaded among us: For the first time, scientists have demonstrated it’s possible to beam a wireless Internet signal across the 238,900 miles separating Earth from the moon.

"The demonstration, done by researchers at NASA and MIT, means that future moon explorers could theoretically check in at Mare Imbrium and post lunar selfies with greater speed than you do from your home network."

We've suggested as much ourselves in various blogs on this site, as have other commentators: a permanent human presence on our neighboring planet would, as a matter of simple human psychology, require as many creature comforts from home as possible, and one of the most essential, from a psychological point of view, would be the feeling of "remaining connected" to the bulk of the human family. Joking aside, therefore, the internet, which now forms such a crucial component of human culture and social interaction, might in a very real sense be a necessity, as would that "lunar starbuck's" or some similar means of socialization and conviviality.

But beyond this, what might this development be signaling? Quite simply and frankly this: that any permanent lunar base or colony would of necessity have to be hardwired into the global social, scientific, financial, and military architecture, and to achieve all of this, communications would be essential, and that means that the internet capability would have to be demonstrated - which they have just done. After all, the world's biggest user of the Internet is not the millions (or perhaps, now, billions) of individual users like you or me; it's CERN and its Large Hadron Collider, as the sheer volume of data gathered from each experiment, and the need to shift and share that data with scientists worldwide is a necessity.

Similarly with any lunar presence, as financial clearing between the Earth and Moon, military and secure communications, scientific data gathered on the Moon from any such permanent manned colony, would likely be a huge volume of data.

So NASA's little announcement might be heralding that such a manned colony is a public event that is just around the corner...

...or... for those who've really been paying attention and indulging in High Octane Speculation, perhaps it is more of a hint or suggestion that it's already there... I can't help but recall, in this context, a show that aired many years ago on America's popular overnight radio talk show, Coast to Coast Am with Art Bell. That night the guest made a statement that "we" could "get to the Moon and back before lunch" with the black technologies available. Of course, this is a contextual and circumstantial argument, one depending on piling up all the data and evidence for the existence of such technologies, and then projecting speculative developments from the public record. Even then, the record is suggestive. Which leaves the question of how one would pay for lunch at the Tiffany's Selene Salon, without a form of clearing. How would one transfer data to and from the Moon, without some such "lunar internet"?

So the real question here is, is this announcement a portent of future developments? or is it the drawing back of the curtain, just a little, to reveal what might already have occurred to some small degree?

See you on the flip side...