May 1, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

I was stunned when I read this article shared by Mr. M.N., and I think you will be too, for in a certain sense, it indicates how goofy the transhumanist war on humanity has become, and how nonsensical the "selling points" are becoming in order to promote technologies that, in my opinion, are meant to be nothing but enslaving:

Researchers Use Electrodes for “Human Cruise Control”

Consider these paragraphs:

"The researchers placed electrodes on participants’ sartorius muscles, which run diagonally across the thighs. These connected to a commercially available electrical muscle stimulation device and a Bluetooth-equipped control board that were worn at the waist.

"First, researchers blindfolded participants and used the system to navigate them indoors to learn about controlling walking with electrical muscle stimulation. A couple of participants didn’t feel anything when their muscles were actuated by researchers, but researchers were able to control 11 participants well enough to steer them.

"After that, the experiment went outside. The researchers made four participants turn along park trails and across lawns by using a smartphone app to send electrical current to the subjects’ right or left legs. A video from the researchers shows what this kind of electric zap looks like: a subtle twitching that turns the leg outward, only strong enough to affect you if you’re walking (if you’re standing still, it wouldn’t be enough of a jolt to turn your leg, researchers say). The feeling, Pfeiffer says, is like a tingle that lessens over time."

And here's the "selling point":

"Max Pfeiffer, a coauthor of the paper and graduate student at the University of Hannover, says the idea is to eliminate the distraction of having to constantly pay attention to your phone while finding your way. If the researchers can figure out how to make the technology reliable enough and get people comfortable using it, it could also be helpful for exercise workouts or guiding emergency responders in situations where they can’t see well." (Emphasis added)

How thoughtful of these benevolent scientists, to aid me with electronic jolts during my (ahem) frequent exercise workouts or my incompetence at finding my way in situations where I cannot see.One can imagine the warning label on such devices: "Please turn off your device and remove it before bathing or sex." The complete goofiness of scientists and technicians sometimes amazes me, for if the desire is to help emergency responders in "situations where they cannot see well," why not design a technology of vision enhancement that is cheap and inexpensive, and that doesn't have to be grafted into or riveted onto the human body? In short, the "benefits" being argued here are almost as insane as the technology itself, and they suggest other agendas are at work, for when I read this I thought of all those movies, and even one or two actual scientific experiments, where punishment consists of wearing electrodes which inflict pain for "disobedience" or "non-compliance" to some arbitrary technocratic elitist's whims, or, in the case of experiments, people were asked to shock other people to see how far they would inflict pain on other humans in response to the commands of "authority." The results were frightening.

The real agenda, I strongly suspect, is to sell a technology that will further erode an individual's personality, sense of self worth, and ultimately, his or her humanity with computerized implants capable of delivering a good, painful "jolt" when one is not being a good and compliant robot, and for that matter, when their shelf life expires, the final pulse. Think of it as your very own, personalized portable electric chair.

Make no mistake about it folks: this sort of claptrap isn't about enhancing humanity, raising it up, or enlightening it (pardon the pun). It's about ending it.

See you on the flip side...