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WOw...things move FAST in this world of GMO geopolitics, as thanks to this article from Ms. K.F., Chipotle seems to be backing off from its anti-GMO campaign. (Or, did I.G. Farbensanto simply send Guido Corleone around to Chipotle's offices for a "talk"?):

Chipotle Backs Off GMO-free Claim


  1. Noooo Chipotle was legit the only “fast food” place I’d eat anymore. This makes me incredibly sad given my destitute, way too boring and healthy diet just got even more boring. As a prestigious Doctor recently blurted out after I hypothesized a viable means for which various pathogens and toxins can cross the blood brain barrier by hitching a ride on glyphosate… ” Rawr GMOs, they are pure evil! Someone ought to bomb Monsanto… Sh*t I didn’t just say that…moving along.”

  2. marcos toledo

    It’s either use our GMOs or suffer cement overcoat-shoes treatment care of the pseudo science-political mobsters.

  3. Uhm … no. The bottom line is that Chipotle’s advertising was purposefully misleading.

    As per the FTC’s truth-in-advertising laws, Chipotle’s disclaimer is the result of backlash from the other GMO: Gimmicky Marketing Obfuscations

    1. Yep, caveat emptor! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is … and it always pays to read the fine print!

      1. All ingredients, drinks, and cooking oils considered, this article also serves as a sober reminder that, because of the ubiquity of GMOs currently in our food supply, even if a restaurant chain really wanted to go GMO-free, it would not be possible.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Now for the rest of the world…
          while squeezing out remaining heirloom seeds…

          Beside: Public Enemy #1…
          Nature is sharing our doom…

          we are seeing “their” baby steps…

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