1. The Art of Politics: some things never change… but wait, there HAS been a change: so many thousands of people are discussing these matters in open form. Matters which, say, in 18th century Paris or Venice, would be broached in hushed whispers or cloaked in Classical literary metaphors. While in times past you could suspect that “they” were lying to us, now it is demonstrably so.
    Perhaps the accelerated pace of new world order frenzy is due to the fact that “they” really are afraid that once, as some are saying, a certain critical mass is reached in the dimension of consciosness, there might be a significant shift in human behaviour, and therefore in the acquiescence to the oligarchs. Not necessarily an earthly paradise, but at least some relief from the truly hellish conditions which so many of the world’s population are unnecessarily forced to endure.

  2. marcos toledo

    A remember everyone Charlemagne is the founding father of Modern France and Germany. So this is just sibling kissing and making up after a long and bloody family feud.

  3. The NSA must ask the BND for permission to use the toilet,the paperclip boys from brazil took care of that a long time ago. That the NSA, which is alledgedly in charge of Nato’s signal corps, needs help to electronically bug anyone in europe demonstrates they have no capabilities of their own. Germany calls the shots,maybe even for Kennedy,and its going to be a sad day when americans begin to understand their radio wave companion that they’ve all tolerated for the last thirty or so years was not “america’s” big secret weapon that their silence was thought to protect,,,,,it was Germany all along and the low life Nazi’s at that. This is why america has been running in reverse since the 80’s,both socially and financially. You only need to ask yourself were you better off thirty years ago,or even twenty years ago,and you can see all the forced cooperation with the invisible authority was for nothing,,,worse it was to the detriment of the american way of life and her humanity. Too bad, it was a great idea,”all men are created equal” something that makes all european royals sick to their stomach and determined to prove wrong,Keizer Shijzer chief among them,ergo the BND takeover of US intel.

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