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What if You Get a 502 Error

We have transitioned the giza site to faster, more secure hosting. If you go to the giza site and experience a 502 error, that simply means your browser remembers the old site location. Solution (one time): clear your browser cache and restart your browser or reboot. If you want to verify that the site is working and your browser is still seeing the old location and needs to have the cache cleared, try a different browser that you don't normally use to access the site. If it's working in one, and not the other, your main browser needs to have the cache cleared. Chrome is particularly sticky, but you can clear everything by going to settings > history and choosing to clear everything.

1 thought on “What if You Get a 502 Error”

  1. marcos toledo

    Bizarrely it was through Chrome I was able to connect to your website today.

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