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June 24, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

I was quite intrigued by this story which was shared by a few of you, but I'm going to use the version of the story that was shared with me by Mr. J.E.H. I think, once you read it, you'll see why I am intrigued, and focusing on it for today' very high octane speculation:

Scientists look at communicating with hypersonic vehicles using plasma resonance

Now the article has conventialy provided a handy picture of the Apollo command module capsule during re-entry to fuel my speculation. I want to draw your attention to the implications - high octane and speculative, to be sure - of the following paragraphs:

Returning spacecraft hit the atmosphere at over five times the speed of sound, generating a sheath of superheated ionized plasma that blocks radio communications during the critical minutes of reentry. It's a problem that's vexed space agencies for decades, but researchers at China's Harbin Institute of Technology are developing a new method of piercing the plasma and maintaining communications.

According to physicists Xiaotian Gao and Binhao Jiang of the Habin Institute, by redesigning the spacecraft antenna, it may be possible to maintain communications by setting up resonance in the plasma sheath. Essentially, this involves turning the layer between the spacecraft and the sheath into a capacitor in the antenna circuit. This causes the sheath to act as an inductor. Together, they create a resonant circuit.

"Once the resonance is reached, the energy can be exchanged between them steadily and losslessly, like real capacitance and inductance do in a circuit," says Gao. "As a result, the electromagnetic radiation can propagate through the matched layer and the plasma sheath like they do not exist." (Emphasis added)

And herewith my high octane speculation: suppose, for a moment, that this method, a relatively simple approach and within the means of conceptualization and perhaps of technology in the 1960s, was known, and suppose a technology had been developed to utilize these features of plasma resonance to "close the circuit" and allow communications through the plasma sheath at that time. Recall, in this respect, that Dr. Ronald Richter in Argentina, during his "fusion" experiments, referred often to the phenomenon of resonance. The implication is that during the Apollo (and perhaps, other earlier manned space flights) communications were covertly maintained between ground control and re-entering space capsules, during which time any sensitive or secret information could be communicated between the two, while the public was being told the story that communication was impossible during this period. There's an even larger implication here about plasma sheaths and resonance-based communication through it, and that's the Sun itself, for such a technology and understanding of resonance would be needed in any attempt to "tickle" the Sun via "closing the circuit" in this fashion.

So what might China be up to here? Perhaps they are signaling the relatively simple concepts involved here to draw attention to these possibilities. In the wake of the Russian calls for an investigation into the destruction of NASA archival Apollo footage and artifacts, this is a rather large story indeed.

See you on the flip side...