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June 3, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's been another trend that we've been following on this website, and that other websites have been following as well; this trend has been noticed by many people and commented upon, with the gist of that commentary being that it appears that the powers that be are slowly allowing more and more information to come into the public consciousness, information having to do with alternative energy systems. Some argue that this is the "opinion preparation" that would be necessary prior to any major shift in the basis of global energy supplies and technologies, and the resulting massive shift in the basis of finance and economics. In that context, consider this intriguing piece of information shared by Mr. J.K.:

Rossi on Tesla Motors and Elon Musk: ‘We are in Contact’

I found this story intriguing and important on a multitude of levels, not the least having to do with the types of commentary that have usually accompanied these stories, and that I alluded to above, namely, that these stories are being "allowed" into the public consciousness by the powers that be, as "opinion and culture" preparation for the eventuality of such technologies becoming commonplace. However, in this case, we're deling with something very unsual and highly significant, and I cite the article at this juncture as an indicator of this significance:

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today shared with Rossi a link to Tesla Motors’ Powerwall technology, and suggested that the Tesla battery could be used as means of starting the E-Cat’s reactions, and also to store energy produced. And then asked: “Did you ever considered to start some kind of co-operation with Elon Musk?”Rossi responded:Andrea Rossi
May 7th, 2015 at 12:52 PM
Rafal Krych:
Very interesting as a storage of energy too.
We are in contact.
Warm Regards

This is a typically brief response which could be interpreted in a wide range of ways. At one extreme it could simply mean that once upon a time there was an email exchange between someone at Industrial Heat and someone at Tesla; on the other extreme it could mean that they are talking regularly at the highest levels. One can only speculate, but it does seem likely that each organization is aware of the other’s existence, and there has been some level of communication. (Emphases added)

In my high octane speculation of the day, I'm going to suggest that the scenario of regular contact between Dr. Rossi and Mr. Musk and their respective organizations is not only likely, but highly probable, for the following reason: these men and their inventions and technologies are the wave of the future, and thus, they constitute the "new emergent elite," the Rockefellers and JP Morgans of the future. As such, they will be acutely aware of two overriding considerations:

First, as having de facto monopolies on new energy technologies, they pose an immanent and long term threat to the vested interests and oligarchies of the past, which oligarchies will pursue all the typical means to protect and expand their power, by covert operations against their competitors, by denouncing their discoveries as "fraud" and "scientifically unfeasible" or "impossible" or "violations of the laws of the conservation of energy" or "impossible on the basis of current theory and knowledge" (one need only think of the response to Drs. Pons and Fleischman, and the long road cold fusion has had to go to be recognizaed as a legitimate field of scientific inquiry). And, of course, those vested oligarchies and their obscolescing theories and technologies will also seek, via financial means, to gain a measure of equity influence and control in such organizations.

Thus, secondly, these emergent technocratcs and oligarchs must develop not only secure means of protecting their investments, but they must also seek each other out and develop the techniques and methods by which they hope to overturn the power of the ancien regime and this can only be done via coordinated effort and, presumably, integrations of their technologies.

What I'm suggesting therefore is that these stories are not so much being allowed by the ancien regime, but rather, that the real game now consists of the behind-the-scenes consultations between the up-and-coming technocrats, and that they are gearing up for the inevitable confrontation with that ancien regime that waits in the corner. Expect to see more such stories, and, eventually, the creation of their own political action groups, lobby groups, and think tanks. Once that happens, then this means they're preparing to break into the public cultural consciouness in a major way.

See you on the flip side...