June 22, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Friday night, June 19, 2015, and Saturday morning June 20, 2015, I appeared on the American overnight show, Coast to Coast AM, with host George Noory and his guest, well-known space anomaly researcher Richard C. Hoagland. I must confess that it was a last-minute decision on Coast's part, but perhaps a brief explanation of the circumstances will illuminate why I'm writing this blog today, for I'm writing to clarify some remarks I made which I don't think that many may have "understood," with the exception of Mr. Hoagland, who understood immediately.

My appearance was a very last minute decision on the part of Mr. Noory and the Coast production staff, as I had just earlier that day recorded and posted my comments on the story that appeared on the Russian news service Isvestia, by Vladimir Markin, that Russia wants a full investigation of what happened to the lost Apollo "artefacts", and an explanation of why NASA (allegedly) destroyed some archival footage of the Moon landings, and that some of the lunar rocks cannot be found. By implication, Russia also wants to know where they are now.Very quickly into the show it became apparent that Mr. Hoagland's views on the story were almost exactly my own, and hence my appearance during the show's final hour and a half.

So what are the remarks that need clarification? I made two basic observations during the show, and these are the observations I want to reinforce here:

  1. First, I pointed out that President Putin's senior eonomic advisor, Mr. Sergei Glazyev, had stated last year(with respect to the crisis in the Ukraine), that Moscow's fight was not with the Nazis in Kiev, but with the Nazis in Washington SC. When I stated this, Mr. Hoagld became animated because he appreciated the deep significance. But for those who need a reminder, it is his hypothesis, along with many other researchers including Linda Hunt, and yours truly, that NASA became the home to a faction of Nazis(quite literally) who remained not only infuential but to a degree "independent" within that organization (along with, in Mr. Hoagland's model, two other factions, which he calls the "Masons" and the "Magicians.") Additionally, we all know the history of the Faustian bargain American intelligence made with the Nazi military intelligence organization Fremde Heere Ost as World War Two drew to a close. My point in raising Mr. Glazyev's comment was therefore to set the recent Russian call for an investigation into the Apollo into a much wider and longer historical and geopolitical context. Thus, my remark wa meant to highlight that Russian calls for an Apollo investigation might thus be construed as one element in what Russia perceives to be a war with the Nazis in Washington, a war that would include America's space and intelligence communities by dint of the historical context and reasoning.
  2. I also pointed out, in a brief remark toward the end of the show, that there is yet another possible context in which the Russian calls for an Apollo investigation should be viewed, and that is the financial one. I mentioned, briefly, my hypothesis that a hidden system of finance was put into place in the year 1947 by President Truman, to fund not only covert operations against the Soviet Communist bloc, but also, and more importantly, to fund a long term black research project or projects of technological development. This of  course is the hypothesis I advanced in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations and again at the San Mateo Secret Space Program conference last year. Thus, the Russian call for an investigation of Apollo by implication could potentially spill over into an exposure of this hidden financial system, developed in part to research exotic space technologies. Coming as it does during a time that Russia and China are decoupling from the dollar and building parallel international financial institutions and clearing, the calls for an Apollo investigation could potenitally uncover aspects of this system.

These are the broader geopolitical and historical contexts in which I think the story must be viewed, for Apollo itself occurred within those contexts and was a part of them. I share the idea that Mr. Markin's article could not have appeared without some sort of higher government approval, and thus I suspect that this is a story that, have been once broached, will be difficult for the Russian government to retreat from. What really remains to be seen is what, if any, investigation will be undertaken, and what it may uncover.

See you on the flip side...