June 9, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

This first article was shared by regular readers here, Ms. M.W., and Ms. K.F. and the second article by Mr. S.D., and for those of you who have been following the transhumanism story, these are important considerations:

Could doctors soon CHANGE your memories? Scientists discover equations behind how the brain remembers events


What leaped out at me reading this article was the sub-title indicating that scientists in Switzerland had derived a mathematical model - an equation - of how memories are formed and combined in the brain's neural net, an assertion that, without reading the actual scientific paper in question, leads one to guess that such an equation would take the form of a higher order topology, an equation describing what mathematicians call a "tesselation," a kind of complex road-map resembling intricate mandalas. Bear this point in mind, for it will bear fruit in a moment. Then comes this strange insert into the article:

"From their results, the scientists were able to derive a complex algorithm that they say is currently is the most accurate representation of this complex phenomenon.

"The algorithm can be adapted to help develop tools that trigger new memories in the brain, or even erase old memories completley."(Emphases added)

In other words, know the algorithm, and one will know the basic techniques needed to "trigger new memories" or "erase old memories completely." Additionally, there is a third potential application:

"In the same way that humans sometimes remember things that didn't actually occur, researchers have found that bees also misremember."


"Scientists say the same technique could one day be used to change human memories, which could help people who replay traumatic events over and over in their minds."

(Now, for those wanting the actual technical article, see:

Diverse synaptic plasticity mechanisms orchestrated to form and retrieve memories in spiking neural networks. Note that the article is describing things, to use our simple terms here, in terms of networks, lattice structures, and, accordingly, activation of combinations in certain orders, which would be akin to tesselation.)

It's that "misremembering" possibility, used in conjunction with an "algorithm" or equation that intrigues me here, and opens the door to our trademark High Octane Speculation. Suppose, firstly, that such an algorithm had been known for some time, within, let us say, the "black projects world" or "breakaway civilization" world. Suppose, secondly, that this world decided to test the limits of the implications of modern quantum mechanics, which holds that to some degree, reality is "observer-based," at least, on the level of the very small. But suppose now that one wishes to see if real effects could be induced on the more mundane level of real physical existence in ordinary life. How might one do this?

One might run a grand "social engineering experiment" which had also, as one of its goals, to covertly collect any data concerning the manipulation of physical events. One would have to have a "control" group, whose collective memories of certain sequences of historical events was one thing, and a "test group" whose memories of that same time stream differed somewhat in some of its details. Knowing or possessing such an algorithm would therefore be enormously powerful, and potentially a very dangerous tool, for inthe transhumanist "paradise" of uploading an individual's memories into a computer or(in its more recent version, the "cloud"), those memories deemed "unsuitable" might be modified, or, alternatively, a deliberate "misremembering" might be implanted.

What is being implied here is the creation of a new kind of "technocracy," a "memory technocracy"  responsible for "the maintenance of public memory" and "official narratives", and thereby, for its covert manipulation. And what is also being implied is also a breathtaking power within a covert world of the possibility of a kind of "psycho-physics" where the laws of interaction between consciousness, memory, and the physical world are rather better known than is the case in the public one. It is, perhaps, highly suggestive that this research comes from Switzerland...

...but that's another story that must await its own time.

For now, let it simply be noted that there are whole classes of people that remember certain events that other people do not remember, or remember as having occurred in different times or ways. Are those in the first group simply "misremembering"? Or are they signs that such an experiment may already be under way? That, of course, is a question not for blogs, but for books.

See you on the flip side...