This first article was shared by regular readers here, Ms. M.W., and Ms. K.F. and the second article by Mr. S.D., and for those of you who have been following the transhumanism story, these are important considerations:

Could doctors soon CHANGE your memories? Scientists discover equations behind how the brain remembers events


What leaped out at me reading this article was the sub-title indicating that scientists in Switzerland had derived a mathematical model - an equation - of how memories are formed and combined in the brain's neural net, an assertion that, without reading the actual scientific paper in question, leads one to guess that such an equation would take the form of a higher order topology, an equation describing what mathematicians call a "tesselation," a kind of complex road-map resembling intricate mandalas. Bear this point in mind, for it will bear fruit in a moment. Then comes this strange insert into the article:

"From their results, the scientists were able to derive a complex algorithm that they say is currently is the most accurate representation of this complex phenomenon.

"The algorithm can be adapted to help develop tools that trigger new memories in the brain, or even erase old memories completley."(Emphases added)

In other words, know the algorithm, and one will know the basic techniques needed to "trigger new memories" or "erase old memories completely." Additionally, there is a third potential application:

"In the same way that humans sometimes remember things that didn't actually occur, researchers have found that bees also misremember."


"Scientists say the same technique could one day be used to change human memories, which could help people who replay traumatic events over and over in their minds."

(Now, for those wanting the actual technical article, see:

Diverse synaptic plasticity mechanisms orchestrated to form and retrieve memories in spiking neural networks. Note that the article is describing things, to use our simple terms here, in terms of networks, lattice structures, and, accordingly, activation of combinations in certain orders, which would be akin to tesselation.)

It's that "misremembering" possibility, used in conjunction with an "algorithm" or equation that intrigues me here, and opens the door to our trademark High Octane Speculation. Suppose, firstly, that such an algorithm had been known for some time, within, let us say, the "black projects world" or "breakaway civilization" world. Suppose, secondly, that this world decided to test the limits of the implications of modern quantum mechanics, which holds that to some degree, reality is "observer-based," at least, on the level of the very small. But suppose now that one wishes to see if real effects could be induced on the more mundane level of real physical existence in ordinary life. How might one do this?

One might run a grand "social engineering experiment" which had also, as one of its goals, to covertly collect any data concerning the manipulation of physical events. One would have to have a "control" group, whose collective memories of certain sequences of historical events was one thing, and a "test group" whose memories of that same time stream differed somewhat in some of its details. Knowing or possessing such an algorithm would therefore be enormously powerful, and potentially a very dangerous tool, for inthe transhumanist "paradise" of uploading an individual's memories into a computer or(in its more recent version, the "cloud"), those memories deemed "unsuitable" might be modified, or, alternatively, a deliberate "misremembering" might be implanted.

What is being implied here is the creation of a new kind of "technocracy," a "memory technocracy"  responsible for "the maintenance of public memory" and "official narratives", and thereby, for its covert manipulation. And what is also being implied is also a breathtaking power within a covert world of the possibility of a kind of "psycho-physics" where the laws of interaction between consciousness, memory, and the physical world are rather better known than is the case in the public one. It is, perhaps, highly suggestive that this research comes from Switzerland...

...but that's another story that must await its own time.

For now, let it simply be noted that there are whole classes of people that remember certain events that other people do not remember, or remember as having occurred in different times or ways. Are those in the first group simply "misremembering"? Or are they signs that such an experiment may already be under way? That, of course, is a question not for blogs, but for books.

See you on the flip side...




  1. The topic of implanted memories for training purposes used in a human cloning process is raised in “Star Wars The Force Unleashed II”

  2. What they will, more or less, be able to affect, as per Donald Ewan Cameron’s “driving” experiments at McGill University in Montreal Canada, is mind/brain ego consciousness, but then, they’ve been doing this to varying extents for decades. The technocrats have a well developed survival instinct, but are by definition not gifted with higher consciousness. If they had developed higher consciousness, things would be a whole lot more progressive than they currently are. Even the word “progressive,” has been bastardized for the utility of conveying false impressions by word manipulators. Like every beast of pride, they too will be nullified by their lack of consciousness.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Striving to better, off we mar what’s well.
      – William Shakespeare, King Lear

    2. “If they had developed higher consciousness, things would be a whole lot more progressive than they currently are. Even the word “progressive,” has been bastardized for the utility of conveying false impressions by word manipulators. Like every beast of pride, they too will be nullified by their lack of consciousness.”

      Not sure I properly grasp what you mean, Elm. What would you consider “progress,” and what are examples of this false usage of “progressive” as well as of its proper usage? Thanks.

      1. Better than any explanation I could provide, is that of American born economic philosopher Henry George, who, in his 1879 economic treatise Progress And Poverty, explains the reasons for an emergent poverty, in the midst of what paradoxically appears to be progress.

        George refutes the Malthusian Pretext of limited resources, fear, scarcity and insecurity predicated upon an increasing competition for limited and diminishing resources. And of course, Malthus was a material realist par excellence commensurate with Newtonian physics, that claims matter gives rise to consciousness.

        This Newtonian/Malthusian system is a closed system, but its constricting prerogatives are touted widely as “progressive,” as in GIVING a man a fish to feed him for a day, rather than teaching a man HOW to fish so he can feed himself and his family for a lifetime. By such “noble” pretexts (lies) of benevolence, those who encourage and enable a constituency predicated upon dependency are deemed “progressive,” especially by those who are fed at the cornucopic trough of benevolence.

        Monsanto too, offers and presents itself as a “progressive” Corporate “benefactor,” whose oft publicly stated purpose, like those of its ideological Collectivist counterparts, is to “feed” the poor starving people’s of the world with their “improved” GMO seeds, has like so many cloaked itself in the “Noble Lie,” in that their unstated goal, is to bring about a total food dependency for a control of food and profit. This aspiration in itself, reeks of food eugenics. So, the “progressive” goal of Monsanto, just as it is with so-called material “progressives,” is not to empower people with an ability to do what they should be able to do for themselves, but to engineer their complete and total dependency under a pretense and guise of benevolence and virtue.

        In principle, many people often mistake social”ism” — a political ideology, with social justice — an ideal. There are many more examples, like “liberation” for example. Is one “liberated” FROM self-restraint and moral propriety which in the shortness of time collapses into bondage, or “liberated” FROM the base prerogatives of animal passions? To come full circle, if one is body with soul (the “fumes” of matter), then as the dominoes fall, “liberation” results in bondage. If, however, man is spirit with body, as quantum physics will claim, then liberation FROM emotional and spiritual bondage becomes a uniquely human imperative. Indeed, today America, due to a loss of spiritual consciousness and vision, is mired in the quick sand of matter. But this too, ironically, is deemed “progressive.”

        1. Correction… In principle, many people often “CONFUSE” social”ism — a political ideology, with social justice — an ideal.”

        2. Thanks, Elm. Very interesting. However I believe you have cited many examples of disagreement among Progressives rather than define Progress itself. This is why I could not grasp your meaning.

          I have always understood Progress to reflect a belief that man can improve the world through his own abilities, including reason (most prominently through technological advancement), with human progress always on an upward trajectory, necessarily implying an underlying veracity to the theory of evolution. Personally, I believe all progress is illusory in this world (and that technological advancement should in no way be mistaken for human progress) Additionally, I have always found the theory of evolution inherently absurd and would argue instead that, if anything, man has been devolving all along.

          Ultimately it seems to me that a belief in Progress is founded on a faith that man can save himself. I do not believe that man can save himself, but that salvation can only come from outside, from a Higher Intelligence. And insofar as I believe that we are pretty much living inside the Matrix, it makes sense that salvation can only come from without since the real world lies outside the bubble of our existence. To say that we can see the shadows on the cave wall is a compliment since I do not believe that most even notice those shadows.

          All this being said, you make interesting points which I believe give rise to the question: are those who presume to rule us, the global psychopaths, true Progressives? Certainly they promote belief in Progress for us, the peons. But I would have to say that, no, they are not truly Progressives, since they know the truth. They promote Progress to flout the truth which they so despise, but all that matters is that they do indeed know the truth, which in my opinion establishes that they cannot truly be Progressives. I guess we are more or less coming to the same conclusion in this specific instance, albeit strangely by different means with which we cannot mutually agree.

  3. This all theory and I don’t believe they know what they are doing at all. If Giordano Bruno had perfected the “art of memory”, then we are dealing with the “non-local” theory of mind and memory. These scientists are not “schooled” in the esoteric, and if that is so, then they are barking up the wrong tree. So once again, it’s all wind, but the scientific journals just love it.

    1. Once one has been indoctrinated into a Newtonian or material view of “reality” and self — that matter precedes and gives rise to consciousness, wherein the soul is discarded simply as an epiphenomena, or the inconsequential “fumes” of matter, it becomes difficult to gain a sense of the quantum, or spiritual self preceding and giving rise to matter — that man is already eternal spirit having a body experience, rather than a body having a soul experience (unless it’s jazz). Given the option, and treating each as a theory with its associated possibilities or lack thereof, would then, one prefer to be mortal body with a soul, or rather an immortal and timeless spirit speaking through a body? In other words, is the essential nature of man one of spirit consciousness, or is it as the material realists assert, one of “mutated” matter?

      1. Robert Barricklow

        All too often the “frame” is purposely set to accept a default mode that’s conducive to control; rather than one effectly perceptive/cognizant to/of those controls.

  4. Might there also be nonlocal and nonlinear applications considering the properties of space-time?
    If a person were to eventually lose (some more of) the ability to think and remember for the self, The “I am” in the “I think therefore I am” will be null. How could such be even considered intelligent without the autonomous ability to imagine and to create with good intent? It’s beyond impinging on freewill.. How does one exist without his own mind?

  5. This is one of the scariest things I’ve read in a while, and coming out of Switzerland makes it even more so. Are they wanting to change the perception of what happened in WWII? And how is this accomplished…by nano bots in pills or through vaccines? God help us all.

  6. marcos toledo

    Don’t they do this already it’s called schooling, entertainment aka indoctrination. This a standard meme in science fiction from Armageddon 2419 the novel where we first meet Buck Rogers to the amnesia helmets of Killer Kane in the serial. Reality and truth becomes the property of the PTB their twisted fantasies become our memories a nightmare world where what is truth is just another commodity to bought and sold to the unfortunate slaves our masters keep around to serve their lusts.

  7. It was said that the priest of Egypt and the Scientists of Atlantis were adapt at science and the occult. Where mysticism an material sciences were forged into one discipline. It appears the Nazis resurrected this practice. So, I wonder where you go these days to get a class on metaphysical material sciences? Ain’t (a not) gonna find that kind of class at your local Community College. Hence, the realization there are Break-Away courses in the arcane sciences.

      1. Social engineering is way too easy these days when PTB control/own education, t.v. newspapers, etc. People can’t seem to think on their own any more because their neural pathways got mixed up. Watch t.v. nowadays, every second is a different angle, zoom in, zoom out, often it’s so very obvious yet I know I’m brainwashed with the best of them. They also use Emotions to hook in the audience, you get angry over some injustice and then have no power to change things. They are pushing fear, anger, hate and elitism. As a smoker I have seen the past 10 years of social engineering at its finest. It’s like a spell has been put on people. MSM has absolute power, throw in Scaler technology – we are all living in some kinda reality I didn’t sign up for. The veil is lifting and more people are seeing it.

          1. Thanks Robert, I had to work through some anger stages and consume large amounts of information these past 3 years to find out what most all of us here, already/always knew.

          2. Robert Barricklow

            my “learning/understanding” is ongoing. This site is very conducive to going deeper, realizing our humanity and duty to make life better for a “Living Earth”; as opposed the what “we” currently have.

          1. We are the people who Care to find the truth. Just don’t get stuck in it or we can’t help anyone. It’s like I’ve woken up, Yeah. But in a new and loving way. The more I learn, the faster everyone else learns. It finally clicked on a different level. You can’t avoid the knowing and the growing or you get stuck right where they want you.

          2. Robert Barricklow

            Well put Sandygirl.

            Change the language…
            from the centralized “Status-Quo”
            to the decentralized “Tempora Mutantur”.

        1. Sandy,

          The solution is for people to cease watching television. Watch movies that YOU choose via a service, or even watch television shows that YOU choose, again, via a service. The main thing is to remove all exposure to the mainstream television media, for that is truly where the spells are cast and where the brainwashing is conducted. If enough people would simply cancel their cable or satellite subscription and disconnect any television antennae, the Powers That Be would become the Powers That Were overnight. It is that simple.

    1. A rapprochement between spirit and matter is critical to the future of humanity. Newtonian physics are no longer a workable reference point by which to measure a human experience. More or less, Nazi mysticism & the material sciences were/are birds-of-a-feather within a closed Newtonian system — a material based system of metaphysics that gives rise to fumes & demons. Remember, the Nazis were all about “blood and soil,” and the metaphysical — both the physical and existential prerogatives of the Corporate State, the artificial persona of matter.

      1. Well said. A lot more young people are very aware.
        Put that in your (PTB) algorithms.

          1. quarksandchrist

            I love that answer. I agree wholeheartedly, and I just wanted to say that your statement warmed my heart and gave me nice goosebumps. 🙂

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Puts a little Swiss-Spin on Orwell’s/He who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past – that is if I’m spinning it correctly?
    According to my Mark X medical tricorder the tessellation memory algorithm equations are nowhere present in my memory regions; so Orwell’s quote should be correct.

  9. Like so many of these “marvellous” inventions it is being sold as a way to “cure” traumatized persons. Which is natural since traumatizing is the first part of problem-reaction-solution manipulation that the archetypal “Herr Doktor” has been undertaking for a long time.
    In the public version the experiment is said to use an electrode to “stimulate brain areas linked to reward”, though of course this could easily be dispensed with. And then: “When the mice woke up, they immediately scurried to the location that was linked to the rewarding feeling, showing that a new pleasant memory of the place had been formed by the scientists.” Sound familiar?

  10. This one left me pondering two old Sci-Fi stories, Phillip K. Dick’s “We can remember it for you Wholesale” and Asimov’s Foundation Series – specifically the premise of Hari Selden’s Theory of Psychohistory. Curiouser and curiouser!

  11. The “Matrix” via the cloud is coming closer to reality. Not much left except the brain/machine interface and reliable robotics to maintain it all. We already know who the “godlike” beings are who will run the show. All that remains is to reduce the population down to that 500,000 and then plug them all into their virtual world, pump them full of nanobots to maintain them and presto one Utopia made to order. A true Hell on earth…

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