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Well, if readers here recall my incredible gaffe over the Back to the Future II Matel "hoverboard", those scateboards that hovered above the ground via strong magnetic fields, you might recall my embarassment when I discovered, courtesy of a kind reader, that pointed out the whole thing was a cute publicity stunt and entirely fictitious. Well,  maybe, maybe not, as Mr. P.L. shared this little bit of news from RT and Lexus. Is it a publicity stunt? the real (superconducting) deal? You judge:

(Back to) the Future is here: Lexus builds a working hoverboard

Amazing in motion: Slide


  1. Fake, Fake, fake.
    Simply discribing Lenz´s law does not explain the useful, high load bearing antigravity effect, unless you want to fool gullible people with “scienteese”
    I suppose that the energy storage density has to be so huge to provide a lifting effect for weights aroung 100kg.
    This think implies tremendous public breakthroughs in energy and physics that should be made public in military / aerospace / medical industry high cost projects and not in “hooverboards” toys.
    I´m fed up with speculations made without having feet firmly on the ground.

    1. Your response is not unexpected, especially if you have been viewing the obviously staged hoverboard commercial where Tony Hawk is floating several feet above the ground. However, I believe you are mistaken if you are speaking about the Hendo version of the hoverboard. The fact is,greater technologies than something a silly as a hoverboard have been kept secret for decades from the general public, due to an overwhelming social, financial, and political force that is keeping humanity in the technological dark ages. Someone–very likely from this planet, and not another–has the technological capability to hover (through electromagnetic means) HUGE craft that soar through the skies at many thousands of miles per hour, and have been doing so for DECADES. It is the naysayers and the people who refuse to open their eyes despite numerous photographs and testimonies that have allowed the breakaway civilization to get as far advanced as they have. It is time to wake up. Quit obsessing about your money investments, your TV programs, and the next automobile you intend to buy. The upper echelons and power groups are the companies of people who keep the rest of humanity in the dark. I suggest you watch “Gashole” (a documentary about fuel mileage) to give you an idea of just how far the oil companies alone have held us back. Then, check out some of the literature on electrogravitics (Dr. Farrell’s chapters on Thomas Townsend Brown in his last Covert Wars book is a small slice of revelation). Again, it is time to realize that others on this world have access to incredible technology, while the rest of us flounder around buying relatively soon-to-be-obsolete material.

  2. One should be wary of this, after all Back To The Future II was set in the year 2015! I suspect it is a publicity stunt, as we don’t get to see anyone riding the board.

    1. You don’t see anyone riding it on the Lexus commercial, but check out the Hendo hoverboard videos, the one with technicians riding it above a nonferromagnetic surface. A true electromagnetic toroid, howeever, possibly similar to one end of the rotating drums described in Dr. Farrell’s book on the Nazi Bell, would not need a special surface to hover above, only the correct frequency of high-frequency voltage, along with a rotating electromagnetic field, and a way to tilt the toroidal coil to move in a directional manner. The toroid (or doughnut”) would likely be filled with mercury or some other conductive liquid.

  3. Well, I wish they’d hurry up and get this thing going! I want them to develop a personal transporter like Luke Skywalker had in Star Wars out in the desert. I dream of owning one of those…

    1. Interesting idea Marcos. I’ve suspected that the whole 3D printing thing is a bit like that. Right now the kinds of printers one can get for home use are like the early home computers, they’re little more than a toy, but how quickly home computers transformed our world.

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