1. Robbi Huffine

    I’m not trying to go off topic here, but I don’t know where to post my Insight. Somewhere in the New Testament, the Messiah said, “Truly (before his own appearance) Elijah must come first.”
    Well, in Hebrew, Elijah is pronounced “Eliyahu,” and the Gematria Counting of the ‘number-letters’ of his name come to 52.
    This is also known as “Alpha-Numerics” and “Numerology.” There is a “Pyramid” Number which builds onto that in a ‘ladder-pattern.’ Well this “Pyramid Number” for “Eliyahu (Elijah, one of the most well-known Old Testament Prophets)” becomes 171. We still have to keep it in mind that “Eliyahu must come first.” I’m going to show how some of this is already happening to some degree.
    In the “A-1 Code,” where A=1, B=2, C=3..etc., I’ve found some corresponding phrases which sum to this 171.
    “Greek Economy Is Bad” = 171
    “Iranians Bade Nuclear” = 171
    “The Last Shofars” = 171 (remember the “Trumpet Sounds” from the sky that are on YouTube?)
    And also with Dr. Farrell talking about all the inter-U.S./E.U. “Meteor-Blasting” they want to do? And how Scientists are saying that we shouldn’t be doing any of that for fear of a backlash from the Sun?
    “Backlash From The Sun” = 171
    “The End Of The UFOs” = 171 (Yeah, that would be the end of EVERYTHING, wouldn’t it? Duh!)
    And now the good Doctor is helping us figure out the Banker Deaths:
    “I, Murderous Bank” = 171

    On a separate note, here’s another exciting tidbit I think you’ll enjoy, I’d found while reflecting on Dr. Farrell’s Giza Trilogy:
    “The Pyramids In Egypt Are Off-Of-Center For A Reason” = 483
    This number 483 is reversed to 384…and WHY is this having any kind of significance? Because the comparable “A-6 Code,” where A=6, B=12,
    C=18 et-cetera, the phrase “The Nazi Bell” = 384.
    So this shows me that there is a connection.

    I have much more than this, but I don’t want to give out too much, too soon. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun when I’ve got the extra time to play around with all of these Alphanumerics.
    Shalom! 🙂

    1. Robbi Huffine

      Another neat insight into the general discussions of Dr. Farrell is THIS:
      “Joseph P. Farrell” = 161
      and WHAT does he deal with?
      “Deliberate Malfeasance” = 161
      I’ve got more in my Notes “down in the dungeon,” but it’s a pain at present to go get them. I’ll bring more later. Peace! <3

  2. This is real news. Here in Holland when the Russian ships were first reported to be in the north sea there was a gigantic electrical failure through-out Nederlands and no cause was found. Power went out for about one hour and everyone just had to wait for it to come back on,even the phones went dead so there was no one to call about it . Perhaps this is a good thing,personally I hope they shut off all surveillance apparatus that is satellite controlled and all the MK ULTRA victims will finally be free,,,,look out nazi’s and their wanna-be’s.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Perhaps complicating the Pentagon’s “Total Spectrum Dominance”.
    Or, perhaps Russia is also, at the same time, challenging the Trioka/Wall Street cabal’s current objective of a world run by financial tyranny, masquerading as democracy.

    Gosh Darn those pesky Ruskies!
    Why, they’re behaving like an anvil, than an fly in the ointment.

  4. rich overholt

    The article says Russian aircraft were over California and AK, which means they know all about the criminal faction spraying nano-particulate death on my adopted homes. The sky is so hazy with 100+ degree heat.
    I used to think these Chico locals were brain-damaged, but after “living” under toxic skies for 6 decades or so, I now know why they can’t think anymore.


  5. valaren105674

    And recall that this is simply the public consumption-based weaponry technologies. Anyways, I’m starting up a Giza Deathstar forum (unofficial) for anyone who might be interested in getting together and discussing Dr. Farrell’s work, your own work, in a more forum-based setting. I know that some people in the last vidchat expressed wanting to be able to get together, share notes, and expand upon some of the ideas discussed in the vidchat, and I thought what better way to do that than a forum.

    If anyone is interested in helping make this project succeed, then visit http://gizadeathstar.boards.net/ and register an account. I would also very much appreciate the support of the Giza Deathstar home site, and perhaps even Dr. Farrell himself, as there’s really no purpose for a fan forum if people on the official website aren’t interested in participating. Thank you so much for reading and I hope it’s okay if I did some shameless advertising on the blog.

  6. marcos toledo

    What’s the big deal Russia doesn’t have the right to develop it’s own death ray. Given the saber rattling against them the Russian would be fools not to so.

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