July 25, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

This very unusual story was spotted by many of you who promptly sent me the link. In fact, so many did - including, I might add, Catherine Austin Fitts - that emails with the link arrived in "clumps". At first, when I saw the subject header, I simply moved the emails into my "sorting folders" that I use for scheduling blogs, but when the clumps started appearing, I decided to open the link and read the story.  I was dumbfounded, and saw clearly why the story captured everyone's attention, for it raises more questions (most of them disturbing), than answers:

Mystery Deepens Over Weapons Cache in Pacific Palisades

There's so much weirdness here that one doesn't really know where to begin or what to focus on, but these paragraphs were what caught my attention:

The mystery surrounding the death of a man whose decomposing body was found in an SUV near his Pacific Palisades home continued to grow today, while police worked to trace the roughly 1,200 firearms found in his residence along with six tons of ammunition and thousands of dollars in cash.

And then this:

The attorney, well-known local defense lawyer Harland Braun, told the paper the man died in the parking lot of Bristol Farms on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica on July 4. His fiancee -- who believed Lash worked with a secret government agency -- drove the body back to Pacific Palisades, left the body there and fled to Oregon, believing his government handlers would collect his remains, Braun said.

The fiancee, Catherine Nebron, had apparently been with Lash for 17 years and was convinced he worked as some type of undercover government operative, according to Braun, who said the man had cancer.

And finally, this:

Two days after Lash’s death, a woman who worked for Nebron -- 39-year- old Dawn VadBunker -- was reported missing from Oxnard. VadBunker’s mother, Laura VadBunker, told KTLA by telephone that Lash had convinced her daughter and Nebron that he was some type of alien or human/alien hybrid “sent to Earth to protect us.”

Dawn VadBunker had apparently been with Lash and Nebron when the man died in Santa Monica, and she fled to Oregon with Nebron after his death, VadBunker’s mother said. She said her daughter is caught in the middle of the investigation and may be having a mental breakdown.

Add to all that the fact that police are apparently denying that there's any connection to the government. So what do we have?

  1. A large cash of guns and ammunition in an unlikely place;
  2. The man - tentatively identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash - died in a retail store parking lot;
  3. The man was moved from his place of death apparently by his fiance, who was convinced he worked for the government. She then fled to Oregon;
  4. Additionally, his fiance was also apparently convinced by the man himself that he was a human/alien hybrid on a mission to Earth to "protect us";
  5. The fiance is apprently "having a mental breakdown" and is a focus of the investigation.

Now, while all my instincts say that the fiance is the focus of the investigation because law enforcement may suspect she had something to do with Lash's death - in other words, at first flance there appears to be a suspicion of murder or foul play - there's a lot that does not make sense, not the least of which are why the fiance would suspect government involvement, and why Lash would have accumulated enough weapons to outfit a battalion.  Indeed, that accumulation suggests that his "protection mission" may have been the delusions of someone with too much cable tv swirling in his head, or, it could be that he was actually some sort of covert operative. That would mean that he is unlikely to be connected directly to any government directly, but rather, to a professional "case officer" in an intelligence or military agency, and possibly one not even our own. This raises, in its turn, yet another bizarre "high octane speculative" possibility, namely, that there may be several more such caches of weapons and ammunition, scattered all over.

All these possibilities raises others, not the least of which is that this may somehow be connected to the strikes against internet cables in the San Francisco Bay area, or even to the mysterious attack on a silicon valley electrical substation a couple of years ago. You'll recall that in that incident, the substation was attacked by heavily armed professionals who knew exactly how to take out the equipment, and who were in and out before local law enforcement could respond. Similarly, the attacks on internet connections in the Bay area have also been accompanied by signatures that they were professionally done.

There are, of course, all sorts of possibilities. The bottom line for me is that my intuition tells me that this is not an isolated phenomenon, and that there's a real mystery here, one exceeding simple foul play or possible murder. My intuition also tells me that this may be part of some covert operation, and not even necessarily an American one.

But there are so many possibilities, that this has to be filed under the "You tell us" category.

See you on the flip side...