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August 2, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. M.O. shared these two stories, and also shared his own "high octane speculation" as to what might be going on, and indeed, I think he might be on to something, and hence I share them with you.

But first a little context: recall the USS Donald Cook incident, where the missile frigate, on duty on the Black Sea, was approached by a specially modified Russian Sukhoi 25 fighter bomber.  As the story goes, the Sukhoi was apparently equipped with the latest Russian electromagnetic interference device and apparently cause the frigate's advanced Aegis class missile guidance system, along with the rest of the shipboard electronics systems, simply to die to such an extent that it was reported that the crew of the frigate couldn't even get the computers to reboot. The Sukhoi then staged no less than twelve mock attacks on the frigate. The USS Donald Cook, we were told, had simply put into a Romanian port for maintenance, and some sources in the US denied that there was anything amiss and that the Sukhoi fighter story had nothing to it. Subsequently, as regular readers of this website are aware, Russia has also disclosed, in piecemeal though very deliberate fashion, its electronic warfare jamming capabilities. Readers will also recall that "coincidentally enough" US rhetoric against Russia dialed down a notch from "hysteria" to "insane paranoia" as Secretary of State John "Ketchup" Kerry made visits to Russia to "dialogue" about the situation, and then suffered a strange accident.

Now, all this context I believe(following Mr. M.O.'s suggestion), might be operative here:

Incredible images of missile exploding over USS The Sullivans right after launch

Now, notably this accident occurred far from the Black Sea, and apparently far from any of those innocent Russian fishing trawlers that usually seem to show up whenever the US Navy is conducting drills. At least, that's as far as we're being told (or not told, as the case may be). So we can put this into the 95% accident vs 5% intereference category.

But then, as Mr. M.O. pointed out, there was this story:

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What I find very odd, is the fact that both the Russian and the American missiles explode shortly after launch. It can certainly be interpreted as a coincidence, and that's probably what happened. But Mr. M.O's, and my own, high octane speculation, is that these two incidents might be part of a pattern of covert demonstrations of eletcromagnetic warfare interference technologies, and given the apparent lack of Russian and American presence close to each incident, it may be a demonstration of the remote capabilities of the two nations. If that is so, then we might just be looking at a covert war of "capabilities demonstrations" taking place as each nation demonstrates what it can do. And, of course, if one wants to entertain such high octane speculations, then one must also entertain the possibility that a third party might be demonstration its capabilities to both countries.

See you on the flip side...