1. Chicago to Austin
    1:45 pm – 6:22 pm (Fri, Aug 28)
    28 hr, 37 min
    21 Texas Eagle (Amenities)
    1 Reserved Coach Seat

    1 Adult
    1 Unreserved Coach Seat
    1 Reserved Coach Seat

  2. Milton Zentmyer

    Last year they made a live stream available to purchase that was great. I noticed that the website for the 2015 conference has last year’s speakers…..who are they going to have besides Dr. Paul V? Who is going to be the moderator?

    1. Milton, it’s sort of confusing but I think the 2014 conference is shown to give an idea of what the 2015 conference will be like, i.e. same format. The moderator/host this year is Daniel Liszt (Dark Journalist). In the latest vidchat Joseph mentioned other speakers: Catherine Austin Fitts (of course!), Linda Moulton Howe, Olav Phillips, and Walter Bosley. Joseph will speak both days. And I understand that it will be streamed like last year. I’m really looking forward it, to say the least!
      BTW, if anyone is not familiar with Walter Bosley’s work, Joseph posted a review of his airships mystery book:
      (in the comments section, enjoy some classic Frankie Calcutta 😉

      1. Thanks for the links and the notes about the latest vidchat. Very enlightening and helpful.

  3. I would love to attend a Secret Space Program conference. But why is it being held on a holiday weekend? Especially one of the occult’s highest days of human sacrifice? No way I would get onto a commercial air flight even within a couple days of these dates.

    Also, first in California, now Texas? These locations in America are not the least bit appealing (or even particularly convenient). A major hub like New York City, I could almost understand…but Austin, Texas? Really?

    Personally, I would be far more enticed if these conferences were held in some more “off-the-beaten” locations like Uruguay, Iceland or Hungary. Or even South Dakota for that matter 🙂

    1. Holiday Weekend? Off whose calendar ARE you working, kitona?

      BTW, the path is fairly well beaten to Austin, TX. Just saying.

  4. Count me out, 20 hours flying time, and talking into account all costs, it would be $3,000 to $4,000….DRAT

    1. Sorry it is so far. You are such a “local” on this website that I am sure there are many who would wish you there.

  5. go, go GO Dr. Farrell!; can’t want to read your commentaries after this conference-

    many regards,

    Larry in Germany

  6. If I can swing it, I may need a ride to and from the Greyhound station in Austin. It’s 37 miles each way, however. Anyone?

  7. Awesome. Texas isn’t too far when it comes to hearing Dr. F and CAF and others speak live at a convention!

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