So many people have been following the story of the Tianjin chemicals plant explosion that my inbox was inundated with articles. The reason? Well, briefly, the Tianjin explosion was followed by yet another explosion and China, and then, by an explosion at a US military base in Japan:

Caught On Tape: Massive Explosion At US Weapons Depot In Japan

uge explosions at US army base in Japan as warehouse burns and emergency services rush to scene

The real questions here are (1) are the two explosions in China related? (2) Are they the result merely of corruption or negligence, as China is now claiming, or (3) is the explosion in the US base related to the other two, in some sort of covert tit-for-tat warfare?

As I blogged last week, the conspiracy theories began almost as soon as news about the Tianjin explosion were posted, with the prevailing theory being that the US was "retaliating" with a "rod of God" space-based kinetic weapon which destroys simply by the energy relased for a hyper-velocity kinetic impact with the ground. People pointed to the large and deep crater left by the explosion as corroboration of this hypothesis.

High Octane Speculation - our trademark here - would certainly seem to include such possibilities as a covert retaliation-and-response scenario, given the escalating tensions between the America and China.

But there may be other actors one should consider. For example, the actors behind any covert attack on the Tianjin and Shandong plants in China might not be state actors at all: they might be corporate actors, facing losses from China's recent currency and market moves. Equally, it could be a state actor intent upon exacerbating tensions between the USA and China either from desperation, or a cynical desire to profit from such escalation. Indeed, the massing of tanks by China on North Korea's border recently suggests that something of this nature might be going on.

For my part, I strongly suspect that a covert war of some sort is taking place, but the real question is whether China or the USA are desperate enough to resort to these means. And for my part, I suspect the answer to that is no... Time, and more evidence, will tell.

See you on the flip side...

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. yourgoldteeth on September 4, 2015 at 4:51 am

    Is there really a meaningful distinction between the US government and the corporate actors who might be behind these acts?

  2. henry on September 3, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    @“Equally, it could be a state actor intent upon exacerbating tensions between the USA and China either from desperation, or a cynical desire to profit from such escalation. Indeed, the massing of tanks by China on North Korea’s border recently suggests that something of this nature might be going on.”

    “Tokyo-based media outlet, Kyodo News Agency, reported Sunday that Washington relayed through a diplomatic channel that Park should not attend China’s post-war celebrations slated for Sept. 3 in Beijing.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied the report, saying “This is nonsense.””

    “Interestingly, the photos of troop movements in Yanji began appearing on Chinese social media on Saturday morning – and North and South Korea began their high-level talks on Saturday evening. The timing suggests that Beijing may have massed tanks near the North Korean border to provide extra incentive for the negotiations to go smoothly.”

    The ‘uncomfortable truth’ about “Korean affairs” was actually told by one of RT’s guest commentator Annie Machon, a former MI5 intelligence officer; as she has rightly pointed out that the actions of North Korea actually serves the interests of the U.S. as it gives America the excuse to keep its massive military presence in North East Asia region.

    Kim jong-un ought to be a good start for understanding the real North Korea as Ben Fulford claims it to be , a North Korea which contrary to popular belief, i.e. more of “a American vassal state” than China’s.

    One could go a little ‘more conspiratory’ on that by taking notice at a peculiar painting in Pakhuawon guest house which leaves an impression to beholder depiction of “an apocalyptic scene of end of civilization”, that some landmark buildings in Pyongyang, like the Ryugyong hotel and Hyangsan hotel resemble the “illuminati pyramid”, and pictures of Kim jong-un doing “masonic gestures”, who allegedly was sent to Switzerland at young age;
    assuming thats true, then I wondered why North Korean elites would ever work with the “racist” Western elites, given the illuminati are ‘racist’ in nature, and the answer to it can be found in the Pakhuawon guest house painting when contemplating what has been revealed by “the Anglo-Saxon Mission”; that the British elites are just working for “higher intelligence”, and they have been brainwashed into believing there will be “the end of world” and only way for them to survive is to work with these “higher intelligence”; interesting, David Wilcock mentioned something similar as he says “negative ETs” tricked the Western elites into believing apocalyptic future and the only way for survival is working with them. Same could be argued for the subservient Japanese, Shoko Asahara of Aum Shinrikyo is a clue that there is something that believes in “doomsday” is somehow embeded to the country; no wonder Fulford says there is a North Korean influence in Japan and vice versa.

    “less conspiratory” would be the fact Kim jong-un has never met with the Chinese president(presumably North Korea’s ‘only ally’) ever since he became the country’s leader, even more suspicious is the fact his father Kim Jong-il paid a 7 days visit to China in May 2011, there was exchange of warm hugs between the leaders, North Korea’s willingness to resume six-party talk, improving ties with the South and the talk of ‘denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’;
    and Kim Jong-il’s praise of “open door policy” during the visit was nothing short of signalling that North Korea was on the verge of “opening up” itself; but guess what happened next? Kim Jong-il suddenly died in December the same year, and according to ‘Fulford report’, he was assassinated. His successor Kim jong-un did show North Korea’s ‘openness’ to world by welcoming Google CEO Eric Schmidt in early 2013; and in early 2014, Kim jong-un was more than happy to hug the visiting NBA star Dennis Rodman, the new North Korean leader was “opening up” more to its supposed “enemy” than to its supposed “ally”, but that didnt stop North Korea from testing its missiles and nukes, in fact it was carried out right after Eric Schmidt left. One wonders whos really pulling the strings behind ‘North Korea’.

    By contrast, the relationship between China and South Korea is undergoing some interesting changes ever since Park Geun-hye became the president,
    notice what Park Geun-hye expressed during his visit to Beijing echo what Kim Jong-il expressed during the 2011 May visit, ironically. Not only she attended the V-Day parade, but whether its taking a family photo or walking to the gallery or watching the parade on Tiananmen, she intentionally positioned herself either close to the Chinese leader or the Russian leader. Surely, it looked ‘odd’ to western analysts, Americans are especially “disappointed” at Park as they are wondering why one of their key ally in East Asia had to go to Beijing just to piss Tokyo, another one of U.S. key ally in the region off.
    No doubt Park Geun-hye was sending a “strong message” by attending the V-Day parade in Beijing, but perhaps not only to ‘Tokyo’ but also to someone in ‘Washington’?

    As Park also brought with her the largest business delegation ever, even larger than the delegation she brought with her back in 2013, she used similar term to describe the bilateral relationship, “South Korea and China are friendly countries sharing a long history” during the 2013 visit, and “South Korea and China are friendly neighboring countries” during this visit.
    She also called the 2013 visit “trip of heart and trust”, and only a week after that visit, South Korean Asiana Airliner Flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport, incidentally almost half of the passengers happen to be Chinese, does Malaysian Flight MH370 ring a bell?

    Moreover, after the sinking of South Korean ferry Sewol on 16 April(which happened a month after the MH370 incident) the very next day Xi telephoned Park expressing condolence while offering a support and help to South Korea if needed. Yet another ‘ship accident’ resulting in hundreds of death like the ‘Sewol incident’ happened on 1 June this year, as a river cruise ship capsized due to the ship ‘having been struck by an tornado’ on the Yangtze. On 15 July, South Korean authority announced that it has chosen a consortium led by China’s state-run Shanghai Salvage Co. as the preferred bidder to raise the Sewol passenger ferry, incidentally, it is the same Salvage Co.that had salvaged the capsized Yangtze cruise ship. Are both the South Koreans and the Chinese suspecting that these incidents could have been deliberate sabotage by someone instead of mere “accidents”, but also gathering criminal evidences for a possible tribunal against those who maybe responsible for these killings?

    With “accidents” like Asiana Airliner Flight 214 and Sewol passenger ferry hanging in the back of current affairs, there is apparently a change in South Korea traditional diplomatic posture, considering the fact that Park still visited the U.S. first on May 2013 even though she was “tilting” toward Beijing with her subsequent June visit to China, but now, by attending the V-D parade in Beijing in September, South Korean leader has for the first time choose China instead of the U.S. as her ‘first destination of foreign visit’ since Park will be visiting the U.S. in October; ‘demonstrating a closer relationship between the two Asian nations’ as commented by South Korea’s own media analysis, the South Koreans even compared Park’s diplomatic handling of China with that of Japan’s in which the later is willing to sacrifice its own interests for the sake of its relation with the U.S.that Park has demonstrated South Korea is not willing to do the same.

    Incidentally, while in Beijing, Park also expressed the hope for eventually unification of the Koreas, and called for the leaders of three East Asian countries to meet as early as possible. As one South Korean analyst from ‘Arirang'(whose own political analyst happened to have accompanied Park during the recent trip to China) commented that by attending the V-Day parade, South Korea has demonstrated a willingness to play a more “leadership role” in North-East Asian diplomacy.

    As for Kim jong-un, there were clear ‘alliance attempts’ to steer him away from his “real master”, as Russia announced as early as back in January that Kim will be attending the V-Day parade in Moscow held on 9 May, yet, Kim canceled the trip just a week before the celebration in Moscow.(does Greece’s sudden change of policy on joining BRICS bank just before the Ufa BRICS summit in Russia ring a bell?)

    A Month before the Chinese version of ‘V-Day’ parade, the Bali-based Sukarno Centre awarded Kim Jong-un for his “persistence in fighting imperialism and neo-colonialism”, which was announced by Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, the daughter of former Indonesian leader whose regime had a close relation with China.
    Instead, Kim jong-un provoked the South with shelling on a South Korean military unit on the western section of the inter-Korean border, the two Koreas were suddenly “on the brink of war with each other” again, yet, the same day the Chinese amassed their military units close to North-Korean border, the two Koreas also started “peace talk” and the threat of war faded almost as quickly as it came. As pointed out by Annie Machon, “North Korea’s action actually serves the interests of the U.S.”, North Korea’s sudden provocation was no accident or coincidence, it happened just before the V-Day parade in Beijing, if it wasnt for China’s pressure on the North by its military maneuvers at the border region, the situation on the Korean peninsula will certainly make the South Korean president unfavorable to continue with her scheduled visit to China, in other words, not only Kim declined to come to Beijing himself, but he was trying to ‘sabotage’ Park’s visit, that in turn “serves U.S. interest”.
    But by visiting China Park is not simply “serving Chinese interest” other than serving Korea’s own interest, like expressing things like Korean unification in Beijing, but as Annie Machon hinted, a unified Korea will likely question the necessity of American military presence on Korean peninsular and the Chinese military buildup is precisely there to contest that. And it seems Park wants to play “leadership” instead of being a “puppet of the West” like North Korea. And given the fact Park stayed close to Xi and Putin all the way through the parade, one could say this is also one of the signs of “the emerging multipolar world”, an idea shared by both Russia and China. Incidentally, the Russian defense minister Shoigu praised “Russian-Chinese military cooperation as guarantee of world stability” just before heading to Beijing for the V-Day parade.

    btw, there was a movie called “Olympus Has Fallen” back in 2013, the plot was intriguing..the White House has been attacked by “terrorists” demanding the U.S. military to leave Asia, only the “terrorists” this time werent “Mulism” or “North Koreans” but “South Korean” radicals.

    • Robert Barricklow on September 3, 2015 at 9:05 pm

      Very interesting points in context of today’s geopolitics versus yesterday’s; in that, there seems to have been written into the future script: a role reversal. Now the Russians/Chinese are wearing the white hats and the Americans/hidden Nazis within are dressed in black.
      [over simplification, but perhaps one gets my implied drift]

    • henry on September 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm

      @”Not only she attended the V-Day parade, but whether its taking a family photo or walking to the gallery or watching the parade on Tiananmen, she intentionally positioned herself either close to the Chinese leader or the Russian leader.”


  3. Arkitekt on September 2, 2015 at 5:17 am

    Oh what a coincidence, one of the companies on the latest US sanction list is …
    tah tarr….
    Tianjin Flourish Chemical Company


    • DanaThomas on September 3, 2015 at 6:47 am

      Hmmm good point… so many “coincidences” happening.

  4. henry on September 1, 2015 at 9:11 am

    @”But there may be other actors one should consider. For example, the actors behind any covert attack on the Tianjin and Shandong plants in China might not be state actors at all: they might be corporate actors, facing losses from China’s recent currency and market moves.”

    like in “Tomorrow Never Dies”, anyway, here is a new development worth of pondering.

    Li joined The Rockefeller Foundation board of trustees in 2013.
    As li has been reportedly taken away by police for assisting in market probe, as result her connection to Rockefeller Foundation has been also highlighted by Chinese media.

    @”For my part, I strongly suspect that a covert war of some sort is taking place, but the real question is whether China or the USA are desperate enough to resort to these means. And for my part, I suspect the answer to that is no”

    “China, Australia, U.S. to begin trilateral military exercise”

    BEIJING, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) — China, Australia and the United States will conduct a trilateral military exercise in Australia on Thursday.

    Exercise Kowari will run in Darwin, Australia, until September 14, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a monthly press briefing.

    This is the second defense exercise between the three armies. The inaugural one was held in October.

    Chinese and Australian troops will also hold bilateral defense exercise Exercise Panda-Kangaroo in Canberra and Sydney, Australia, from September 20 to 28, Yang said.

    “Both exercises are aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and friendship, deepening defense cooperation and strengthening the armies’ operational abilities,” he said”.

    the Chinese are holding joint military exercise with American military in Australia while the U.S. is conducting covert operation against the country on her domestic soil??

    As for “Tianjin explosion”, here is an update from Cobra,

    “Lynn – OK. What happened in Tianjin China on August 12? There was a huge mushroom cloud like detonation that seems like it was a nuke. Was this the result of sending a strong message-retaliation by the Illuminati to the Chinese who seem to be going out of script due to their currency devaluation the day earlier on 8/11?

    COBRA – This is exactly what happened. This is part of the war between the Eastern alliance and the Cabal. And the Cabal was using dirty weapons as much as it was possible and this situation will lead to some unexpected consequences for the Cabal in the future. They have actually sped up the process and they have, with this action, have actually . . . there will be certain consequences of this.”

    this input from cobra validated my own suspicion, as he claimed before the August 12 Tianjin attack that the light forces had disabled their satellite matrix beforehand, yet why was their space-based weapon system left intact for it to strike Tianjin?
    if Cobra is not misleading(which i personally dont think he was) then it means they probably have only handful of space weapons left.
    and this was confirmed by Corey Goode’s update as he reported “There has been heavy use of the few space based weapons that they have left”

    As for “certain consequences” Cobra spoke of, i think the photos of the blast crater in Tianjin could be used in the future as evidences at an International War Crimes Tribunal; and an impetus for banning spaced-based weapons in the UN which the Russians and the Chinese have been trying to do for the past few years.

    • henry on September 1, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      @”i think the photos of the blast crater in Tianjin could be used in the future as evidences at an International War Crimes Tribunal”

      “They will be forced to relinquish their power to the event and the process of the mass arrest when the key members of the cabal will be arrested and they will be tried in fair trials but everything that has been suppressed, all the truth will be exposed and all their actions will be pretty much in the open and the masses will begin to understand what is going on on the planet and it will no longer be able to continue.”

      “And when the light forces from above and below meet on the surface of the planet, there will be a drastic and very intense transformation of the surface of the planet and that is the compression breakthrough. And the compression breakthrough has physical and non-physical aspects. The physical aspects we all know. This is the financial re-set, this is the mass arrest of the Cabal and the beginning of the disclosure process.”

      that’s “the Event” according to Cobra, and it most definitely involves arresting top criminals and a tribunal.

      also, something interesting from Corey Goode’s new update.

      “these cabal groups have been actually able to use this artificial intelligence to stay ahead, this artificial intelligence see’s all probable futures and calculates them very accurately. It’s helped them to stay one step ahead of being in front of tribunals many times. That’s what has kept them, so many different times, had expected these cabal groups to be finished, to um ya know, be in prison and to be exposed, and they have always seemed to find, a way to stay one step ahead, and they have been using this AI technology”

      also conforms the idea that one way everyone on this planet will know there is a fundamental change and breakthrough happening will be people watching these criminals tried in a tribunal. im looking forward to it. and im going to buy a new TV just for this occasion.

    • henry on September 2, 2015 at 3:49 pm

      @”They have actually sped up the process and they have, with this action, have actually . . . there will be certain consequences of this.”

      @”only the more reason for them to ditch the petrol based financial system.”

      it looks like their reckless actions have already “sped up the process”.


  5. Frankie Calcutta on September 1, 2015 at 8:46 am

    This might really be a stretch but considering western covert attacks usually serve mutlifacted purposes, the attack on the chemical warehouse may also have been an act of sour grapes by the west for losing the rights to mine the largest untapped copper mine in the world located in Afghanistan. A Chinese mining firm was granted the bid by the Afghanistan government. If I’m not mistaken, the Tianjin chemical plant housed chemicals used for mining. Imagine going to all that trouble to invade a country and have some of the choicest plunder slip through your fingers? I suppose the only consolation for the US is they will now have thousands of Chinese miners living in Afghanistan who the US can get hooked on opium. . But that is peanuts versus the 13 million tones of copper that could be mined. (Unless the US can somehow get an opium epidemic to spread to China. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reignite that gravy train once again? That would pay for some black projects for sure) Moreover, China will now get an opportunity to do ecological and human health damage to Afghanistan that could even surpass the United State’s best efforts.

    • DanaThomas on September 1, 2015 at 9:14 am

      This is a good point, and since the mining industry is just about as opaque as the petroleum sector with regard to REAL reserves, production and above all the labyrinth of interlocking corporate ownership networks, this is another area to add to an all-too-long list of aspects for decyphering the world we live in…

    • henry on September 1, 2015 at 9:18 am

      “Moreover, China will now get an opportunity to do ecological and human health damage to Afghanistan that could even surpass the United State’s best efforts.”

      yep, thats the huge problem the Chinese face. only the more reason for them to ditch the petrol based financial system.

      as there are clearly signs its what the BRICS Alliance are already planning to do,

  6. DanaThomas on September 1, 2015 at 6:24 am

    China: new factory explosion, again in Shangdong Province:

  7. Pellevoisin on August 31, 2015 at 10:38 am

    When no one can figure out who is responsible, the answer is the MOSSAD.

    I think one could bank on that.

  8. Miguel on August 30, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    But of course! it is all part of a hit-and-run harrasment pattern… add the Bangkok explosion at a Buddist Shrine located at the core of a prime tourist central location to the list…

    The Shrine and surroundings were cleaned up and cleared of all evidence the next day… just like the Madrid 2004 Trains which alledgedly exploded near small commuter stations near Madrid were scrapped the next day… Why the “timely” clean-up? Because we are not dealing with bombs and terrorists… but conventional drone attacks.

    The media/propaganda cover-up leads people to thinking of explosions caused by bombs in backpacks by the usual terrorists… and it comes to a head when some poor bastard in busted at an apartment with all the evidence…

  9. marcos toledo on August 30, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    What a way to celebrate if we can use that word. The seventieth anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuking. Plus the use of weapons of mass destruction around the World including in Yemen.

  10. DownunderET on August 30, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    For those interested, Caravan to Midnight interviewed Joseph six days ago, and Joseph does discuss this issue.
    You have to pay $2.99 for the download, AND it runs almost 4 hours.
    All’s you have to do is set up an account, and you can pay with Paypal.
    It’s not at You Tube (yet), so the $2.99 option is worth it.

    • Sandygirl on September 2, 2015 at 2:24 pm

      Dr. Farrell interview “Mysteries At The National Parks” has been blocked by Scripps on copyright grounds.
      I had it it saved in my favorites and wanted a friend to watch it. That video was excellent and would have opened many people’s eyes about Hitler being seen after committing suicide (not) and the U.S. collusion with the Nazis. That’s why they took it down.

      • Robert Barricklow on September 2, 2015 at 5:26 pm

        Copyright violations; a euphemism for truth violations.
        Speaking truths are revolutionary acts.

      • Don B on September 3, 2015 at 5:48 am

        Also there is a lot of strange happenings in the national parks. db

  11. Robert Barricklow on August 30, 2015 at 1:46 pm

  12. Robert Barricklow on August 30, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    This article certainly points the finger at the oligarch’s of the private monopolized banking cartel. Competition is a sin; especially if it benefits the nation & her people.

  13. loisg on August 30, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Corporate actors in these activities have to be given a very high probability, given that they have infiltrated nearly every major avenue of control. When I heard that HAARP was turned over to corporate control, I knew we were in for a warfare of economics that wasn’t just being played out by economic means. If they have HAARP, and their own satellites in space, then they possibly have dirty bombs and anything else their hearts desire. This can not end well.
    Forget about the horrors of a one world government, it’s all about the economics.

  14. Robert Barricklow on August 30, 2015 at 8:56 am

    There are no doubt some Chinese “players” who are vying for more power; and by shaking up the status-quo might be in a position to practice the Western Art of disaster capitalism. And there are adept “players’ who position such wannabes as they would “agents-in-place”. Of course, with the appropriate blackmail strings and other such tools of the trade. Then there’s the cartel of special ops with the backing of several powers that will roll such dice as it works.
    China must hold fast & strike back at such players. They key would be their intelligence apparatus which should have a couple of KBG old aces up some unseen sleeves.

    Covert Indeed.
    How deep these explosions go, is the question.

  15. Frankie Calcutta on August 30, 2015 at 7:25 am

    The western state/corporate media is now pushing a meme that the Chinese government is grossly negligent when it comes to industrial safety and economic planning. From what I have heard on BBC radio and National Public Radio (same thing, different accents) is that the Chinese rulers recklessly cajoled the Chinese middle class to invest in the stock market, even when it was grossly overvalued. The Chinese government is then to blame for the recent eradication of middle class wealth in China, or so the meme goes.

    Summation: IMHO the west has covertly engineered Chinese industrial accidents and a Chinese stock market crash for the purpose of damaging the reputation of the current Chinese rulers with the aim of stirring up great dissatisfaction against them. While it is debatable that the west could engineer a color revolution in authoritarian China, they could pave the way for new rulers more to their liking or more likely, bully the current rulers of China into remaining on the western finance reservation. I believe this may have already happened and the Chinese have cried “uncle.” BRICSA may now have an unreliable party in China.

    I would add that the proxy in these covert actions is probably the renegade Shanghai faction. Now I must continue looking into my crystal ball and observe how the west will attempt to take down the largest Yakuza conglomerate, Yamaguchi Gumi, for its role in foiling the zionazi MH370 false flag at the behest of IG Farben East.

    • basta on August 30, 2015 at 9:02 am

      Hi Frankie,
      Agreed that the Western MSM is selling China as reckless and clueless when it comes to finance (which is the ultimate in pot-calling-kettle-black hypocrisy), but I think they are being shrewd by half and are much more sophisticated in their financial strategy then most imagine, and the whole crash is manufactured to dump US treasuries and inflict serious pain in the Cabal’s soft undersides — namely, the Ponzi/QE to the Nth power, fiat-zombie-dead-man-walking Western economy.

      The Great Uncoupling is well underway; China created a huge bubble in its stock market in 2015, inflating it by a third in barely 6 months, then sent it crashing back to where it was at the start of the year in just a few weeks. To staunch the bloodshed it had cleverly manufactured, it has been “forced” to devalue the yuan, making its products more competitive, and has had to dump over $700 billion of dollars of US Treasuries in 2015, and for the past month, the rate of UST bailout has risen to roughly $100 billion dumped every fortnight.

      ZeroHedge is all over this, documenting all the UST dumps, though they’ve never said it was being done on purpose. No wonder one of China’s largest ports just got nuked.

      • Frankie Calcutta on August 30, 2015 at 4:13 pm

        Hey Basta,

        You certainly might be right but I’ve never been in the camp that believes the Chinese oligarchs have amazing acumen, foresight and patience. (based on what I’m reading in the Third Way, it is the German oligarchs who have these attributes). I tend to think the Chinese are just reacting to situations, instead of creating them. Sadly, I tend to side on the invincibility of the banksters… for now. While the banksters’ avarice is quite predictable, their acts of retaliation when they lash out are not. I guess the question is: did the west engineer the Chinese stock market crash through alleged short selling? Did they also mange to profit handsomely off it (and maybe finance some black projects or fill the coffers of some rival Chinese oligarchs like the Shanghai sect with the aim of replacing the current Chinese regime?)

        I admit I don’t do a lot of research anymore and make sweeping statements based on very little other than a cynical hunch. It does seem the Chinese government was acting desperately as the stock market continued to crater. Was this part of their plan to give plausible reasons for dumping US treasuries? I don’t know. Very clever indeed. What fortifies your case is that the Chinese elites were in fact manipulating their citizens into buying into the soaring stock market, but would they really concertedly steal so much of their middle class’s wealth? An then deliver the one-two punch to the middle class by devaluing the yuan? Wait! That’s what our oligarchs do. maybe you are right! Now if the Chinese government is really smart, they will publicly blame foreign speculators for the crash and redirect the ire of their citizens thereby gaining more public support fro increasingly anti-western policies and maybe even cool their citizens’ lust for the western inspired common man wealth stealing stock market casino.

        Now I really don’t know. One thing for sure– oligarchs behaving like oligarchs.


  16. basta on August 30, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Whatever you think of VT, and personally I have it bookmarked as “Disinfo Today,” they have done very good work in exposing the horrifying use of tactical nukes that are going off with equally horrifying frequency under cover of explosions at ammunition and chemical depots, or in Yemen, well, when the perps are just hoping that no one is around to document/record them. There is a very long article with nuke-related document dump analyzing Tianjin that was posted a few days ago, and after going through it all, there’s little to no question that that was a tactical nuke.

    It was probably delivered on a cruise missile or put in the sewer system, which explains the depth of the crater, as a cruise missile would burrow into the gound before detonation, and cause the massive ground fractures and cleavages at the crater’s edges. You also have toasted cars with melted aluminum radiators and vaporized rubber and glass, just as at the WTC.
    One should not forget the oil refinery explosion in the suburbs of Moscow that occurred on the same day as Tianjin. That’s an awful lot of stuff going “boom” in a very short time-frame. Yes indeedy, it’s a covert war. No one but a state actor has access to tactical nukes, or if you prefer the disinfo/diversionary explanation, Rods from God.

    • goshawks on August 30, 2015 at 4:25 pm

      basta, thanks for the heads-up on the recent VT Tianjin articles. I was not aware of them. (While I seldom take VT articles at face value, their nuclear-explaining articles have been educational.) For those wanting to pursue further, search on “Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked” and “The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis”. Informative…

      Two interesting aspects:

      On airborne tactical nukes (burrowing or not): Since Tianjin is a port city, I had thought of (and one VT poster also thought of) a German-built “Dolphin” submarine as the missile-launch vehicle. Close-in; no warning time. (And possibly depressed-trajectory rockets, not cruise missiles.) As there were two ‘white-out’ blasts around 30-40 seconds apart, I suspect a ‘volley’ of two missiles. This would both provide for redundancy and wipe out any trace of a failed-detonation in one missile.

      On ground-based ‘nukes’: Appendix A of the first article gobbledegook-discussed “micro-explosions.” Within that section, one bit stood out for me: “For the DT [deuterium] reaction, we easily find that the minimum ignition energy is about 108 Joules. To obtain a useful gain, the output energy should be at least ~100 times larger, that is, 1010 Joules = 10 n erg, which corresponds to the explosive power of approximately 2 tons of TNT.”

      Now, if this is combined with an earlier bit, “A thermonuclear micro-explosion is an explosive release of thermonuclear energy many orders of magnitude smaller than from a thermonuclear weapon. To achieve this goal, the fission trigger must be replaced by some other means of producing the required ignition temperature…” we get an interesting possibility:

      What if ‘micro-nukes’ are not fission-fusion devices, at all? For airborne devices, weight is the decisive issue. So, fission is the preferred ‘initiator’ of the hydrogen fusion. But for a ground-based device, weight is not an issue. Given the rapid advances in computational power, it might be possible to design a non-fission explosive-device to initiate the hydrogen fusion. Say, “approximately 2 tons of TNT” in some kind of a spherical ‘lens’ of explosive around a hydrogen core.

      The main advantage of such a device would be no radioactive signature from the uranium or plutonium ‘initiator’. I am not learned-enough in this area to know what elements would be generated as by-products of hydrogen fusion, but they would probably not be looked-for, anyway.

      Undetectable ‘nukes’. Seriously bad…

      • basta on August 31, 2015 at 7:40 am

        Indeed, I think you’re absolutely correct in your assessment, and yes, they are frightening weapons, which apparently are being used with impunity.

        If you recall, about a decade ago now, you had the whole red mercury/neutron bomb flap surrounding Sandia and LL which claimed just that, so this is nothing new. A number of military-related commentators point out that these wars in the ME like Yemen (ends of the earth, relatively) are the perfect places to test experimental hardware and armaments, including the latest in boutique tactical nukes, which are getting quite refined and exotic, from what little is actually reported.

        • Guygrr on August 31, 2015 at 1:10 pm

          A nuclear engineer friend of mine, whose father was particularly high up in the military industrial complex, told me all about the tactical nukes our military uses. He described smart missiles with multiple warheads that could target, say two different rooms of a structure, meanwhile leaving the room between the two targeted rooms completely intact.

        • goshawks on August 31, 2015 at 4:22 pm

          basta, thanks for the reply. The main reason that I posted the VT ‘educational materials’ was that, potentially, you could construct a hydrogen bomb with no exotic materials. You might call it a ‘brute force’ fusion bomb. Unlike something using the hypothetical ‘red mercury’, anyone with enough physics know-how and computational power could put-together a ‘micro’ hydrogen bomb. Truly frightening, if feasible…

          • electrodirector on September 1, 2015 at 11:42 pm

            You’d better mark ALL of Gordon Duff’s ”explanations” as disinfo. The videos certainly do not show any of the mythical nuclear effects that small group of frauds was so eager to brag about. These nuclear effects do not exist – any physicist, not metaphysicist – could tell you, were he sincere. The pictures show what Hexenkessel and other black projects produced. ”There was NO THORIUM to be found in Germany after the war”. Of course there wasn’t. U233 – its isotopes, to be more precise – is the key word here.

            The Manhattan Project money bought time and cover for the new Golem to take form. What has been taken out of the Jonastal vicinity has never been fully explained. Eisenhower and his gold-loving cronies only served as a distraction, after the big heist. The 1950 testimonials of Thuringians who survived the Bolshevik genocide do tell a rather intriguing piece of history never mentioned by Bernstein or other ”authors” of the programmed kind.

            Synchrotron is yet another key word. Ralf Wiederoe built his linear particle accelerator in 1927. The strong magnetic field over Ohrdruf was a side effect of several synchrotron radial particle accelerators, used to produce ionizing things of the most secret kind; others were found at Frankfurt am Main, at Kiel, and on board some submarines which, according to Bolshevik lore, never existed. Eugen Saenger would have known more about this. That photo of a heap of auxiliary engines/tanks for his space plane must have been faked, or else …

            With some sources of illicit income in tatters, new sources of income must be acquired, and old ones stabilized. The nuclear hoax held for quite some while, helped by the press and other control systems. The Birubidhzan revelations did their thing, too, one way or another.

            Duff and all the other nuclear prophets seem to have gone into Einstein mode, neither realizing nor comprehending what they see. Or, to put it on the other leg, background radiation measurements at Ohrdruf, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and by inference, Tianjin, Syria, and Yemen, all show approximately the same value, accounting for time. A lot of reporters, after 1945, expressed their astonishment at how the mythical bombs’ side effects were not as bad as the high priests kept proclaiming. The group claiming to have developed the bomb that cannot function also conjured up lots of effects which just DO NOT EXIST. Having established the scientific principle that a certain group is exempt from procuring outstanding proof for outstanding claims, the rest is easy.

            For the technically inclined: how to film an EMP pulse? You can’t, not with plastic cell phones. Nevertheless, there are lots of pictures. You do not need a CGI expert to tell you what’s going on here. But some logic sure would help.

            Just remember, when you’re traveling faster than light, you will travel backward in time.

            Kozyrev, and Tesla, are still laughing …

          • goshawks on September 2, 2015 at 12:52 pm

            electrodirector, I cannot speak as to whether nuclear effects are only ‘mythical’. Not my field of expertise. I tend to go with the scenario that as soon as German pre-WWII physicists showed that the nucleus of an atom could be split, it all derived from there…

            You DO bring up an important point, though. As soon as I brought up a possibly-secret weapon capability, you diverted the discussion to what might cause readers to shake their heads sadly, turn away, and forget about the original discussion. This is a known disinfo technique.

            So, how am I to know whether you are of this ilk, or a valid gizadeathstar ‘advanced physics’ poster? Since you label ”ALL of Gordon Duff’s ‘explanations’ as disinfo” – which is clearly wrong, but would prejudice readers away – I am leaning to the side of a disinformation specialist. Have a nice day…

          • electrodirector on September 3, 2015 at 4:29 am

            Hello, goshawks, and thanks for the reaction. What was the secret weapon capability you mention? The vaunted micro bombs assembled McGyver style, for which there is no proof at all. The designation ”secret” all too often is used to blur trails, and without proof, the micros qualify for this, exactly. I was talking about the obvious secret technology in this regard: there are claims of one group concerning alleged nuclear bombs. There are facts, as the German test of the Hexenkessel device over Bavaria’s Starnberger See, of an explosion having an almost 3-mile-diameter. If you didn’t know about the coal dust and some exotic ingredients, you’d come to the conclusion that was a nuke. The German version of the mother of all WMDs comes much cheaper, as well. What rouses my suspicions are exactly the tales told by the ”inventors” who, even after the fact, still didn’t know WHICH ELEMENT to choose for a chain reaction. But, Leo Szillard had been busy developing a refrigerator motor before somebody told him that there were gazillions to be made by NOT telling the truth.

            If you care for some hair-raising information, research German fuel-air bombs. Most real developments tend to be kept secret. The Ohrdruf files have been made inaccessible for 100 years. There were more reasons for that apart from what I mentioned. And, if I’m not completely wrong, we will see a lot more of these nuke claims in the future, while no radiation measurements will be taken, or published. But there will be pictures that cannot exist, of EMP strikes that would fry any unshielded electronics, in the real world.

            Controlling the opposition is an art form not understood by most.

          • Joseph P. Farrell on September 3, 2015 at 9:30 am

            Electrodirector is right. The German “fuel air” bomb project is very important, and almost nothing is known of it. I covered it briefly in Reich of the Black Sun. There were plans to use them during the final offensive on the Western front in a “do-or-die” operation, using the last remnants of the LUftwaffe. As I recall the story, the Luftwaffe officers simply refused to do it, realizing it would cause the needless deaths of more Allied and German soldiers. THere are pictures, somewhere on line, of these large fuel air bombs being shown by a German officer to an American officer at the end of the war. They are either very large chemical weapons or – as I suspect – very large FAEs of some type.

        • goshawks on September 4, 2015 at 2:16 pm

          basta, I just had a thought:

          The original VT article mentioned Deuterium (ordinary Hydrogen plus an additional neutron) as the fusion material for a fission-less small-yield ‘hydrogen bomb’. I suppose this is because Deuterium will fuse more readily. As a reference for this, the various laser fusion experiments have shifted over to a hydrogen & deuterium mix to enable easier fusion.

          With the above in mind, think back to around a decade ago. At the time, conspiracy circles lit-up about someone methodically-buying-up all the Tritium (ordinary Hydrogen plus two additional neutrons; rare) stocks in the world. (Rothschild-controlled firms were pegged.) The conspiracy circles theorized that this was done to render nuclear-material-detecting sensors unable to operate, thus giving a certain country free-rein to move ‘Samson option’ nukes around the country/world.

          However, what if at-least-some of the Tritium was destined to be in the cores of non-fission-initiated fusion bombs? Tritium is even more easy to fusion than Deuterium. It might be the necessary ‘enabler’ for this kind of no-radioactive-byproducts, small-yield ‘hydrogen bomb’. Hmmm…

          • basta on September 5, 2015 at 2:27 pm

            I’m sorry but it took me three times to read electrodirector’s posts to make sure that they said what I thought they said, and they are definitely not “right,” other than that they attribute the development of thermobarics to the Nazis.

            Otherwise, and what was the writer’s intention (unless I am not correctly parsing the syntax), they completely deny the existence of nukes, and chalk the whole “radiation” thing up to Bolshevik disinformation.

            Well, I’m pretty sure that nukes exist, as does fallout, and I’m pretty sure that the Nazis did the ground-breaking work on thermobarics, but the existence of the latter does not preclude the existence of the former, even if Nazis didn’t ostensibly detonate the first nuke (the 1944 report from Penemunde aside).

            Funny you mention tritium; I’d not heard of the attempt to buy up all available tritium, and mind you I’m no nuclear physicist but tritium itself is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and a telltale signature of a nuclear event,

            Back in the day, when I fell down the rabbit hole investigating 911, the evidence that nailed it for me that it was a nuclear event was the USGS report on the various metals found in the WTC water, which came from the “bathtub.” You had micronised copper (from all the vaporized wiring), iron, etc., and a shockingly elevated amount of tritium, which is the nuke signature de rigeur.

            Now whether it can be used as a trigger, I can’t say, but it certainly would be high on my list if I were developing a clean trigger.

          • goshawks on September 5, 2015 at 3:59 pm

            basta, agreed on all the Tritium aspects. I’d forgotten about the USGS report ‘findings’ on raised Tritium levels in the WTC ‘bathtub water’.

            It would be interesting to compare before/after Tritium levels for (a) ordinary uranium and plutonium ‘nukes’, (b) uranium/plutonium fission-triggered hydrogen bombs, (c) WTC ‘bathtub water’, and (d) Tianjin ‘bathtub water’. There might be some fascinating correlations…

            Any reader out there willing/capable to do the above? (And put it on the web.)

  17. DanaThomas on August 30, 2015 at 5:09 am

    One thing that can at least be excluded is that China (i.e. the oligarchs presently in control) blew up their own plants; while if the same thing had taken place in the US, given the long-engrained false-flag mindset, this would have been a definite possibility.
    On the other hand, the chemicals connection discussed in the latest video dialogue is worth thinking about…

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