1. An excellent interview, and one of the best interviewers I’ve heard. He really keeps the flow going, and when he does interject, it is always with a good insight or a very good question.

  2. Last week I took The Third Way to read on a flight from Italy to France and had a frankly uneasy few minutes as the plane flew over Lake Geneva: my copy of the book may be one of the first – if not THE first – to actually travel through the airspace over CERN….

      1. Actually there was some turbulence after leaving Geneva behind so I held up the Book apotropaically to ward off any stray strangelets… but flying over the Alps will never be the same again!

  3. 2 hours and 40 minutes that made my evening yesterday, a well conducted interview. A book about the eastern front during WW2 by Dr Farrell would be a pure delight.

  4. Once you read “The Third Way”, you will realize what the current “European Union” is all about, AND who thought it up many years ago. You should look at Frau Merkel with Nazi International eyes.

    1. if my read internet sources are correct (the following info appeared and just disappeared as quickly as it appeared) frozen samples of Hitler’s sperm were kept and Mrs. Merkel (she appeared out of nowhere just as most world leaders do, including the Führer, a bastard Rothschild) is the frozen-sampled daughter of…

      look at photos/film footage of the Führer and then look very carefully at AM’s face; actually one doesn’t have to look all that closely; if one is willing to believe in the possible connection it just jumps right out at you

      1. Many years ago, when W was president, he very inappropriately gave AM a very public, enthusiastic shoulder-rub. Remember the famous shoulder rub? 😀 If what you’re saying is possible, LSM, it puts that shoulder-rub into a whole new light — it must have thrilled him to the depths of his dark’n’dirty little soul to be in her presence!

  5. The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper. Very interesting interview. I’ve shared it with all my red and purple pill associates.

  6. A very worthwhile 2hr 40 min. Al’s Bergen accent is quite charming and he is well prepared with his questions. This makes you want to reread a number of books again but I have just started on the new one…

  7. I agree with marcos toledo: this was a great interview that condensed a few chapters of Dr. Farrell’s books into a totally comprehensible summary. Pretty much a wow… and makes me want to read his latest book yesterday!

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