1. Frankie Calcutta

    I’ll through this one out there: California authorities are claiming one in five wildfires are started by arsonists.

    About the simplest form of asymmetrical warfare you can imagine. One man and a cigarette. Who needs space based weapons to retaliate against enemies?

  2. Milton Zentmyer

    Well this is interesting, I just opened up my email and a military intelligence operative is asking to connect on Linkein. The posted vitae on the connection is rather disturbing. Anybody else had this happen recently?

  3. Milton Zentmyer

    My take, looking at that hole, the depth, the destruction of property surrounding it, is a missile. What kind or from where I don’t know, but somebody knows because this kind of thing can be monitored from space. “Rod of God” wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    One of the articles states that the government has rounded up the usual patsy cutout to pin it on. Bombs elsewhere is a nice cover. This thing has a 911 pattern to it.

  4. Oh sure, that was a huge bunch of chemicals in drums that made that hole.

    Impossible without the necessary overpressure.

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