1. Milton Zentmyer

    Chinese currency devaluation causing profit margins on bonds and financial paper hoo doo to unravel, (good ol’ Goldman Sachs, doing God’s work) the bank set up with other nations for infrastructure, Japan making moves toward China and Russia out comes the hidden hand of the Empire a/k/a Nazi International and Jewish International, what fun!

    Pope Francis sounding like Carl Marx, this is a red letter day for the hand behind “Communism”

  2. A lot of phones must be ringing in the big insurance companies, but they aren’t telling.

  3. This story beginning to look like one of those Russian dolls within dolls. Or the news equivalent of a onion you peel away till nothing is left.

  4. Frankie Calcutta

    Some people are complaining of itchy skin, others are complaining of burning sensations on their face and lips, while some in Tianjin are claiming a stinging sensation on their arms. It doesn’t seem like these people can get their stories straight. I’m not buying it. I think the whole thing is being exaggerated by a bunch of unscrupulous Chinese Industrialists who are seizing on the western covert operation meme to shift the blame away from themselves and their sloppiness (with some help from their western agents like Mike Adams and Kenny G.) While there is always a high probability of western intrigue in any murderous event, there is even a higher probability that in a land of rampant corruption and dereliction, a chemical warehouse can go up in flames due to gross negligence. No, my guess is what we are seeing is some quantum foam fallout from the Hadron Collider.

    Sorry, Lost hasn’t been here for a while and I thought I would substitute in for him.

    1. “with some help from their western agents like Mike Adams”

      “stoopid” question from me Frankie: are you referring to MA of naturalnews.com?- if so please explain; if not please ignore posting-


      1. Frankie Calcutta

        Hey Larry,

        I was just being facetious. I get a regular email from Natural News with Mr. Adam’s news analysis. He had something recently about a Chinese invasion plan which I thought was a little outlandish. I put him in the Alex Jones category– I’m not sure if he is a slightly paranoid earnest truth seeker, or a huckster, or a dsinfo agent. I do enjoy some of his news articles none the less.

        Regarding smooth jazz musician Kenny G, I got a laugh when the US used him to stir up trouble in the attempted color revolution in Hong Kong. And his safe brand of music probably does have a huge fan base in communist China. Is Kenny G the anti-Chirst? Well, his music is god awful.

        I hope you are well.

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