1. Croning remarks – When she gets a response wrong, we spritz her in the face with cold water from a spray bottle, and when she gets one right, we let her work on her memoirs for a little bit or call her ‘Madam President’ in soothing tones—she loves that.” – Hahahaha! – Maybe they could set her up with some MK-ultra themed programming, or try training her directly in the vicinity of CERN…

    1. Oh good a typo right off the bat. There needs to be an edit feature, this print is obscenely small from where I sit. It’s got to be some quantum ‘Murphys Law’ that one only typos/has typos emerge when hitting ‘enter’ on comment which cannot be edited.

      Also, that’s ‘crowning remarks’, unlike the crown which Clinton Deux will never wear.

  2. Hillaryous! And the article below it, Jeb Bush being outshone by a heavy-duty extension cord taped to the carpet in front of him, is also a gem: “staffers are now conducting focus groups with the cable… ”

    The Catch 22 is, Should we feel sorry for the Cabal and their slime-mold lackeys, since psychopathy is a profound deviancy which stunts the person and essentially strips them of a soul? Or should we recognize that they only understand emotions as weakness, and ostracize them from society before they destroy it — and us?

    If I had a fortune (but then I’d be a psychopath…), I’d fund a Psychopathy Awareness Day and get volunteers to hand out black rubber wrist bracelets and black ribbons. Certainly there would be no lack of potential speakers, seeing as just about anyone in the public eye is one.

    Narcissistic Psychopathy Awareness Day would have mylar ribbons and cute little mirrors, and I’m sure you could get half of Hollywood or the music industry for the right price. I’d aim for Miley Cyrus, though.

  3. Killary Killton has the personality of a foolscap pad. David Icke must be having a field day with this reptilian mumma.

  4. The Onion is obviously a republican CFR financed newspaper/magazine,especially having the insiders information on Chris Christy.

  5. So many puppets to chose from for the official selection-election circus. And our masters going to blow billions on this rigged show don’t know any real economics or do they have too much money to burn.

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