September 6, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Here's another story that appeared this last week that was virtually on eveyone's radar (when they weren't focussed on CERN), and hence, it's impossible to thank you all. It is worth a look(the last linked article gives an idea of the truly huge size of the explosion:

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China Rocked By Another Massive Chemical Explosion

China Rocked By 3rd Massive Chemical Explosion!

As noted, this most recent explosion occurred at another chemical factory in Dongyong, so we now have three explosions in Chinese Chemical factories within the approximate time of one month. Like the other factories, this one also appears to have been manufacturing dangerous chemicals. So we are now chin-to-chin with some harsh questions. Could these all be accidents? Well, certainly, and it is tempting to write them off to the inefficiences of "a corrupt centralized command economy and a Communist government," but frankly folks, I have as much difficulty believing the Chinese are that stupid.  Two may indeed be a coincidence, but three seems to be pressing the limits of believability, especially since these are all chemicals factories, and more or less close to the China's Pacific coast. Which brings us to the possibility that everyone is talking about: covert US/western retaliation for the Chinese devaulation of the yuan, which, on the face of it, is a plausible if horrific and dangerous scenario. I also speculated, thanks to a suggestion from Catherine Austin Fitts, that this could just as easily be corporate retaliation, rather than that of a state actor.  I've been informed that in fact, the Chinese government is quietly investigating both of these angles, but obviously, I do not live in China nor do I have any way of verifying if this is true. If it is true, it is certainly not surprising.

But there is yet a third possibility that no one is looking at or considering, and it must be mentioned simply for "high octane completeness", and that is that this might be reflective of internal struggles within China itself. Why do I suggest this? Firstly, because it would be all too easy for internal factional infighting within China to be passed off as western imperialistic aggression, especially given the long and known history of such western practices vis-a-vis China. One need only thing of the Boxer Rebellion or the Opium Wars. Secondly, and more importantly, recall that at approximately this time last year, the news coming out of CHina was rather odd, as there were indications that Mr. Xi Jinping had placed the entire Chinese military on alert. Speculation abounded that there was perhaps even a coup that was being thwarted, a coup being contemplated by the rich oligarchs of Hong Kong and Shanghai. The story appeared quickly, and disappeared just as quickly. And the third, and most disturbing possibility, is that we might be looking at a bit of both scenarios: factional infighting being butressed (and used) by the USA. Weighing against the first and the third views, however, are the fact that with the notable and significant exceptions of Japan and the USA, virtually every other major western power has jumped on board China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, including Germany and the United Kingdom. They would hardly, under such circumstances, cut their own throats and fall on the financial sword for the USA.

The bottom line here seems to be that regardless of whatever scenario is in play, it now is more probably that some sort of scenario is in play, which means that Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, Canberra, and London (not to mention the District of Corruption), bear watching very closely.

See you on the flip side...