October 27, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. K.L. sent along this article, with the suggestion that it might be a sign or indicator of the hidden system of finance I've been suggesting has been in place since 1947, if not before, for bankrolling covert operations and black research projects:

Pentagon funding bill on Obama’s desk: $600 mln to Syrian rebels, $300 mln to Kiev

The hint is contained in this paragraph:

Obama has threatened to veto the $612 billion National Defense Authorization Act – also known as House Resolution 1735, or the NDAA – because it contains provisions blocking the plans to shut down the detention camp at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, and because it avoids a cap on defense spending by padding a special account reserved for bankrolling wars. The Senate passed the NDAA on Wednesday with a veto-proof majority. (Emphasis added)

Note not only has Mr. Obama apparently threatened a veto - even against a "veto proof majority" - because of the bill's clear intention to keep the "rendition" camp in Guantanemo open, a camp Mr. Obama during his first campaign promised to shut down, but also that it refers to "a special account reserved for bankrolling wars."

So the inevitable questions occur: what is this special account? What banks manage it? How much money is in it? and, last but not least, where does this money come from? Can an audit of this special account show that the money comes exclusively from Congressional sources and funding? Or does some of it come from somewhere else?

It takes little imagination to see that we might have been afforded a bring glimpse into the existence of this hidden system of finance courtesy of RT. SUch an account - and presumably there are many - could easily be used for money laundering activities, funding not only "wars" and "covert ops" but also black research projects. The really intriguing thing, however, is that during the increased diplomatic tensions between the USA and the West, and Russia over its Syrian intervention, that this little tidbit is dropped into the beginning of an otherwise "typical" article oon American defense spending, an article that, moreover, has no clearly stated author.

So herewith the high octane speculation of the day: perhaps we're not only seeing, as Mr. K.L. suggested to me, a bit of a glimpse of that hidden system of finance, but also being afforded a glimpse into something equally as significant:

The Russians are tracking and monitoring it.

That last implication takes on its own high octane speculative significance in the light of recent stories about the possibilities that Chinese hackers may have been behind the recent hack of personnel records from the Office of Personnel Management. After all, what better way to track the possible existence of a completely black world - Mr. Richard Dolan's "breakaway civilization" concept - than to track long-term disappearances of financial activities of certain individuals, submarine crews, scientists, and so on.

My suspicion, quite bluntly, is that this little paragraph was a deliberate "drop in" by Russia, and that the economic espionage taking place behind the scenes by Russia, China, and the West, is intense. And this carries with it an implication of its own: if China is to complete its program of putting into place its parallel system of finance, then at some point it must expose that western hidden system, in order to complete the argument against its untrustworthiness. Expecting such transparency is, of course, its own brand of fantasy, for any such exposure would only be in the name of a geopolitical agenda.

See you on the flip side.